15 Time Periods, Cultures and People You’re Picturing All Wrong Because of TV and Movies

A T-Rex doesn't know what Stegosaurus tastes like anymore than we do.
15 Time Periods, Cultures and People You’re Picturing All Wrong Because of TV and Movies

We’re visual creatures. The things we see in movies and TV shows have a huge influence on how we wrap our heads around ideas of things that aren’t right in front of us — and so, it’s pretty much impossible to imagine a T.rex in a way that isn’t shaped at least slightly by Jurassic Park.

In fact, lots of the ideas and imagery we totally take for granted about various groups and periods come more from the work of Hollywood prop departments and production designers than real life. But the more we believe them, the more they persist. When it comes to a lot of these things, in the words of “Weird Al” Yankovic, everything you know is wrong.

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The Regency Period Was Less Hot Than It Looks

CRACKED While Bridgerton and fancy BBC costume dramas make the top-hatted periods of history smolder, everyone would have had full-on ass-breath. Dental hygiene for most people consisted of picking out big chunks of food then wiping the gums with a cloth.

Source / CBS 

The Dinosaur MVPs Never Crossed Paths

CRACKED Picture the world in the dinosaurs' time and you see a greatest-hits selection of awesome reptiles. However, the A-list dinos didn't exist at the same time - 80 million years passed between the last Stegosaurus and the first Tyrannosaurus rex.

Source / NBC 

People Still Gave a Shit About Their Own Safety in Ancient Battles

CRACKED While two screaming lines of battle-crazed warriors charging into each other in a suicidal scramble looks incredible on-screen, people aren't idiots. Battles have always been a lot more tactical and defensive than the frenzied mayhem of films like Gladiator.


Highwaymen Were Less Dashing Than They Are on Romance Novel Covers

CRACKED New-wave music videos and Harlequin novels present the idea that highwaymen - pre-car carjackers 300 years ago - were dashing, sexy, honorable outlaws. They weren't. Dick Turpin, the most famous one, once shoved an old woman into a fire. That's not sexy!

Source / HVSRY 

Future Spaceship Gatherings Won’t Look Like That

CRACKED Whenever a movie shows several spaceships together, they're always moving the same way up. Why? Space doesn't have an up - that's kind of the point of it, it's all up. And there's loads of it, it's not like parallel parking.

Source / Fandom 

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