15 Movie Franchises With At Least Three More Entries Than Anyone Would Reasonably Think

15 Movie Franchises With At Least Three More Entries Than Anyone Would Reasonably Think

It makes sense that there are 25 James Bond films. That franchise is enormous, a generation-straddling piece of constantly evolving pop culture that is unignorably massive — people who would never dream of watching a Bond film still know the basic tenets (handsome drunk-driving misogynist beats the shit out of people).

Similarly, it makes absolute sense that people can’t stop making Batman movies, Spider-Man movies and Godzilla movies. Again, these are characters that have transcended the medium that begat them and have entered the ether of public consciousness. If you ran a studio and were able to make another Spider-Man movie, why would you ever not make another Spider-Man movie?

Where it gets surprising is in franchises like, say, Wrong Turn. The original came out in 2003, starring Eliza Dushku and Emmanuelle Chriqui — an enjoyable enough slasher featuring unfeasibly attractive youngsters being killed by inbred mountain men. 

As of 2023, there are seven Wrong Turn movies. Seven! That just seems crazy. After Wrong Turn 5, the world wasn’t necessarily clamoring for Wrong Turn 6. But it arrived, as did a seventh (oddly enough, both six and seven are reboots, but that’s a topic for another day). 

There are huge numbers of movie franchises out there just chugging along quietly. In the days of video stores you’d potentially stumble across one and go, “Fuck me, Jaws 19?” but that doesn’t happen anymore. They just appear, somewhere, on platforms you’re vaguely aware of.

(And yes, there are 27 Bond films if you count the two weird outliers — the really strange original Casino Royale and the dodgy Sean Connery comeback Never Say Never Again. Happy?)

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The ‘Universal Soldier’ Movies You Haven’t Seen Rule

The Jean-Claude Van Damme/Dolph Lundgren Universal Soldier series is a continuity nightmare but, perhaps uniquely in the straight-to-video sequel world, the more UNDER THEIR OWN COMMAND recent ones are the best - JEAN-CLAUDE DOLPH VANDAMME LUNDGREN UNIVERSAL SOLDIER the seventh DAY OF RECKONING SCOTT ADKINS (and final to date), Day of Reckoning, is genuinely awesome. CRACKED

There’s an ‘Anaconda’ and ‘Lake Placid’ Shared Universe

These series both began LAKE PLACID with A-listers, with VS Jennifer Lopez and ANACONDA Bridget Fonda battling colossal reptiles. Decades later, there are five Placids, four Anacondas KC and a crossover with the baffling title (the crocodile isn't called Lake Placid), Lake Placid Vs Anaconda. CRACKED

There Are, Holy Shit, 14 Fucking ‘Land Before Time’ Films

The first The Land Before Reba McEntire Damon Wayans Jr. THE LAND BEFORE TIME Time (1988) is terrific, a JOURNEY BRAVE moving, funny tale of a brave little dinosaur and ALL NEW his plucky pals. Absurdly, MOVIE! there have been 13 sequels with a total of 11 different performers voicing lead INCLUDES A NEW SONG PERFORMED BY REBA McENTIRE sauropod Littlefoot. CRACKED

Tom Berenger’s Been Playing the Same ‘Sniper’ for Three Decades

1993's Sniper is CHAD MICHAEL RYAN DENNIS COLLINS ROBBINS AKIMOTO HAYSBERT absolutely fine, a nuts-and-bolts flick about two dudes (Tom Berenger and Billy Zane) with sick SNIPER rifles. There are ROGUE MISSION eight sequels with a ninth coming soon. ER Zane popped up as recently as part seven, Berenger in part eight. CRACKED

The ‘Witchcraft’ Series Has Had 16 Films to Rethink the Name ‘William Spanner’

The largely unloved Witchcraft series, the Witchcraft plots of which are largely about how many half-naked women can feature in one 90-movie, had an amazing 16 films, all centering on the HOLLYWOOD COVEN dumbest-named protagonist of all time, William Spanner. CRACKED

The ‘Puppet Master’ Series Requires a PhD to Truly Comprehend

THE BLOODY CONCLUSION IO IME AXIS IKILOGY! There are 14 films in the killer-doll horror series Puppet Master, which nobody saw PUPPET coming in 1989 when the MASTER original dropped, but the AXIS TERMINATION chronology of them is bonkers. The seventh one comes technically first, and stars The Room's Greg Sestero. CRACKED

There Are Two Third Entries in the ‘Camp Blood’ Series

The Camp Blood BEW ARE.. THE CLOW N STRIKES AGAIN!!! franchise is fairly obscure, and holy shit it's confusing. The third and fourth films were both BLOOD released as 066 Camp Blood 3! The 10th is called Camp Blood 8! The 12th (and final)? Camp Blood 666... Part 2! CRACKED

There Are Eight ‘Leprechaun’ Films for Wayne to Upset Garth With

Warwick Davis stars in WARWICK SHIEK TANGI STICKY DAVIS MAHMUD-BEY MILLER FINGAZ 75% of the eight films of the Leprechaun LEPRECHAUN franchise, including BACK 2 THA HOOD Leprechaun 4: In Space, Leprechaun in the Hood and Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood. Не was later replaced by WWE's Hornswoggle and, just, another dude. CRACKED

If You Knew There Were Seven 'Tremors' Movies, No You Didn’t

Tremors rules. Some MICHAEL GROSS JON HEDER TREMORS might feel the franchise SHRIEKER ISLAND lost its way when Kevin Bacon left, others when it debuted a monster called the Ass-Blaster. Or was it the one where Michael Gross played his own great-grandfather? Either way, seven films. Seven! CRACKED

They Probably Need to Make One, Just One, More ‘Friday the 13th’

There are 12 Friday the 13th movies, including a crossover with Nightmare on Elm Street (nine movies). However, the 12th is a reboot, which means FRIDAYTHE13 PART VIII-JASON TAKES MANHATTAN even if they make another, it won't have the great title Friday the 13th 13. CRACKED

Ha Ha Ha, No Way, 11 ‘Children of the Corn’ movies? Bullshit! Wait, Really

Stephen King's short V story Children of the Corn, first published in THE FIELDS Penthouse, spawned a nine-movie series and two reboots. Most of them are standalone films that just feature children, corn and BRUTAL DEATH. CRACKED

Two of the Five ‘Starship Troopers’ Movies Are Cartoons

Starship Troopers rules: CASPER VAN DIEN DINA MEYER DERAY DAVIS STABSHIP ROOPERS that is undisputed. But TRAITOR OF MARS who knew about all the followups - two live-action sequels RICO (only one of which has Casper Van Dien) and two animated ones (one with CVD's voice)? Possibly not even Van Dien himself. CRACKED

The ‘Beethoven’ Franchise Has Long Outlived the Dog

DAVE THOMAS JOHN LARROQUETTE FAITH FORD Amazingly, there are Beethoven's 5th eight Beethoven movies. The first came out in 1992; the most recent in 2014. Beethoven speaks in the seventh. Saint Bernards typically only live for about 10 years, so every dog in the franchise is likely dead. CRACKED

‘Behind Enemy Lines’ Is the Only Series to Include Both Gene Hackman and Vince McMahon

The 2001 movie Behind Enemy Lines has three HIND Y LINES straight-to-video OMBIA sequels starring a lot fewer Oscar-winners than the first. One was made by WWE Films, starring wrestler Mr. Kennedy and produced by big-necked shouter Vince McMahon. CRACKED

There Are Five ‘Marine’ Films in Which You Can’t See John Cena

Speaking of WWE Films, The Marine marked the acting debut of John Cena. There are, MIKE THE MARINE THE MIZ MIZANIN RAE 4 SUMMER amazingly, TARGET five follow-ups without him in-part two stars Ted DiBiase J.r, while the subsequent four THERE IS NO GREATER FORCE THAN AN AMERICAN HERO. are vehicles for The Miz. CRACKED


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