13 Sick Treasures and Relics That Are Still Available for Plundering

13 Sick Treasures and Relics That Are Still Available for Plundering

Ah, the mysterious world of lost treasures! For centuries, adventurers have searched the globe in search of mythical and legendary treasures, some of which have never been found. From sunken ships to Nazi loot to hidden caches of gold and jewels, these lost treasures have become the stuff of legend.

In this list, we explore 13 of the world's most massive yet unclaimed lost treasures. From the $500 million Black Swan sunken ship to the mysterious Amber Room stolen by the Nazis to the Lost Dutchman's Mine hidden in the Superstition Mountains, these treasures are worth billions of dollars and have yet to be found. We'll also look at some of the most daring and ambitious treasure hunts, from Forrest Fenn's hidden chest to Robert Graf's quest for La Buse's gold in the Seychelles. 

So, if you're feeling adventurous and have a knack for treasure hunting, why not give it a try? Who knows, you could be the one to finally uncover one of these massive yet unclaimed lost treasures!

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Lost treasure galore.

CRACKED MILLIONS OF SHIPWRECKS WORLDWIDE. In 2007, Unesco estimated that there are around three million shipwrecks out there in the world. In total, there's billions of dollars worth of stuff lying around on the ocean floor.


Millionaire hides treasure, many seek fortune.

CRACKED THE FENN TREASURE A millionaire from Santa Fe hid a treasure chest full of gold and gems in the Rocky Mountains six years ago. Lots of people have gone looking for it, and he wrote a poem with clues to the location in his book, The Thrill of the Chase. Glatter


Lost tsar's legendary library: still missing.

CRACKED THE LIBRARY OF IVAN THE TERRIBLE They say Ivan the Terrible had an incredible library with around 800 books, including some really special Greek and Roman literature. It's been missing since Ivan the Terrible died in 1584.

RBTH / Catalog 

Texas: Rich in Lost Riches.

CRACKED ROUGHLY 229 PLACES IN TEXAS In Texas, it's estimated that there's around $340 million worth of lost treasure that hasn't been claimed yet. That makes it the state with the most unclaimed treasure in the whole country.


Nazis: still searching for gold, centuries later.

CRACKED KING ALARIC I'S GOLD It's said that 4th-century Visigoth King Alaric I hid a huge amount of gold somewhere near the city of Cosenza in Southern Italy, but nobody has been able to find it yet - not even the Nazis, who tried really hard.


Lost fortune: priceless.

CRACKED MERCHANT ROYAL An English ship called the Merchant Royal was carrying a lot of gold and silver when it sank off the coast of Cornwall in 1641. It's never been found, and people think it could be worth anywhere from £250 million to £1 billion.


Searching for Yamashita's Gold: A fool's errand?

CRACKED YAMASHITA'S GOLD They say that a huge amount of treasure and gold was hidden away by the Japanese during World War II in the Philippines. It's supposedly located in a series of tunnels called the Golden Lily tunnels.

History / Wikipedia 

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