13 Ostensibly Ordinary Bits Of Trivia We've Refined And Fused Into A Heretofore Impossibly Astounding Amalgam Of Factoids

13 Ostensibly Ordinary Bits Of Trivia We've Refined And Fused Into A Heretofore Impossibly Astounding Amalgam Of Factoids

Ah, trivia - the mysterious and often puzzling realm of knowledge that can leave us scratching our heads in confusion. From the mundane to the truly bizarre, trivia has long been a source of entertainment and education for people of all ages. But of all the trivia out there, some of the most interesting and unexpected tidbits come from the world of science, history, and culture. From beekeeping to neo-Nazi symbolism, from weight-loss surgery to the never-ending saga of Robert De Niro's Italian heritage, there's something for everyone. 

In this list, we've compiled 13 of the most surprising pieces of trivia you may have never heard of. From the shocking truth behind Gianluigi Buffon's fashion choice to the tragic story of Tom Fogerty, these tidbits are sure to leave you with your mouth agape. So, without further ado, let us begin our journey into the world of the unexpected and the unknown.

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Beekeepers: White is the new black.

GRACKED WHITE IS THE NEW BLACK FOR BEEKEEPERS. Bees don't like dark colors, as they've evolved to be repelled by animals with dark hides. That's why beekeepers usually wear white when they're taking care of their hives.

Manuka Vet 

Taxpayers: "Coin-ing it in!"

GRACKED TAXPAYERS: 720 MILLION DOLLARS DOWN THE DRAIN... ... LITERALLY. From 2007 to 2011, the U.S. Mint has made more than 2.4 billion dollar coins, which has cost taxpayers around $720 million. It's not a terribly cost-efficient operation.


Tragic end to a life cut short.

GRACKED ТОМ FOGERTY: GONE TOO SOON, THANKS TO MEDICAL MALPRACTICE. Arr Al any Sin Tom Fogerty passed away in 1990 due to tuberculosis, which was a result of AIDS he got from a blood transfusion he had during a back operation in the 80s. It only happened because they didn't screen the blood for HIV.


Weight-loss surgery: the key to marriage.

GRACKED DROP THE POUNDS, GET THE RING. Unmarried adults who have weight-loss surgery are much more likely to get married within five years than the average person in the U.S., it turns out.

UPMC / NY Times 

Amy Bails.

GRACKED AMY SCHUMER: BARBIE-DOLLED UP ONE MINUTE, GONE THE NEXT. In December 2016, Amy Schumer was chosen to star in a live-action movie about Barbie, but by March 2017, she had left the project due to disagreements about how it should be done.


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