Ah, the things that ordinary people can do with everyday items! From making crystal meth out of Sudafed to creating homemade bombs with remote-controlled toys, it’s amazing how everyday items can be used to make lethal stuff.

With just a few simple ingredients and a bit of know-how, you too can become a master of the illicit arts. From making explosives out of household cleaners to constructing weapons out of toothbrushes, the possibilities are endless. But beware, these activities can be dangerous and even deadly if not performed correctly. 

Don’t be alarmed - this list isn’t about how to make dangerous substances. Instead, it’s about the ordinary things that can be used to make lethal stuff. From saltpeter to acetone, hydrogen peroxide to potassium chlorate, this list will provide you with a glimpse into the dark side of everyday items. So, if you’re looking for an insight into the world of DIY drug-making, homemade explosives, and lethal weapons, then this list is for you. Enjoy.

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