13 Minor Miscalculations That Led To Terrible Screw-Ups

Underestimating demand for Ramones concert tickets in Argentina led to massive rioting.
13 Minor Miscalculations That Led To Terrible Screw-Ups

It is often said that the difference between success and failure is a matter of inches. In life, it is the small miscalculations and missteps that can lead to the most disastrous of consequences. From miscalculations to mismanagement, these blunders have cost people and organizations millions of dollars. The stories in this list are no exception. Whether it’s a miscalculation in a budget, a misreading of a map, or a metric-imperial mix-up, the results of these mistakes can be devastating. Herein lie thirteen tales of minor miscalculations that ultimately led to terrible screw-ups.

From the Pentagon mistakenly gifting Ukraine $6.2 billion to Robert Tappan Morris’s "clever" virus wreaking havoc, to the mismanagement of the Colorado River Compact leading to a water shortage, these stories are a reminder of how even the smallest of mistakes can have lasting consequences. So, without further ado, let us take a journey through these thirteen minor miscalculations that led to terrible screw-ups.

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