12 Times Wealthy Turds Screwed Over the Folks Who Built Their Fortunes or Saved Their Asses

When the Meta layoffs happened, the upper ranks somehow got fat bonuses.
12 Times Wealthy Turds Screwed Over the Folks Who Built Their Fortunes or Saved Their Asses

Ah, the stories of the famous and the forgotten. Of those who have been wronged, and those who have wronged. Of those who have been saved, and those who have been betrayed. Of those who have achieved greatness, and those who have been denied their due

It is a sad truth of life that those with power and wealth often abuse it, taking advantage of those less fortunate than themselves. This list is a testament to that fact, highlighting 12 examples of rich douchebags who have screwed over people who helped them. From Ravichandran Tharumalingam, who was saved from a dangerous situation on Mount Everest, to Stan Lee, who fought for his rightful share of the money made from movies and TV shows based on his Marvel Comics character, these stories of injustice are all too common.

We can only hope that, in the future, those in power will think twice before taking advantage of those who have helped them. 

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Ungrateful for heroic rescue.

CRACKED SNUBBING THE GUY WHO SAVED YOUR LIFE A Malaysian climber was saved from a dangerous situation on Mount Everest by Sherpa Gelje Sherpa, who descended 1,900 feet while carrying Ravichandran on his back. Ravichandran didn't thank Gelje in social media posts, only his sponsors, and even apparently blocked him on Instagram for a while.


Bonuses for bosses, layoffs for everyone else.

CRACKED Munich Security Conference RISCHER HOF Münchner Sichert curity ence msc Sicherheitskonfer BAYERISCH GETTING BIG BONUSES DURING LAYOFFS The bosses at Meta got huge bonuses in 2022, even though lots of people were laid off and the company was trying to save money.


Promises broken.

CRACKED for U.S. We are E FIL VETERA BOYCOTTI THE U.S. SCREWED OVER WWII FILIPINO VETS In 1946, President Truman signed a law that took away the benefits that had been promised to Filipino veterans who had fought in World War II. Talk about a rug pull.


Keya Morgan: Not So Super.

CRACKED MARVEL SILLES AVENGERS INFINITY MA J CO WA ST AVE INFINI MARVEL COMI MO ST U by Qui AVI INFI MARVE VEN FINT STAN LEE'S MANAGER ABUSED AND DEFRAUDED HIM Keya Morgan, Stan Lee's former manager, was accused of mistreating the late comic book legend when he was 95 years old. Не faced five charges, including false imprisonment, fraud and forgery.


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