11 Historical Figures Whose Bloodlines Have Stopped Cold

Syphilis ended the de Medicis.
11 Historical Figures Whose Bloodlines Have Stopped Cold

It is said that history is written by the victors, and this is certainly true when it comes to the stories of powerful families throughout the centuries. From the Romanovs to the Medicis, these families have had a major influence on the world and their legacy is still felt today. However, their stories are not all rosy. Many of these families have seen their dynasties come to an abrupt end, often due to inbreeding, political upheaval, or simply the lack of an heir. 

In this list, we look at 11 powerful families and their stories of glory, tragedy, and ultimate demise. From Katrin Himmler's attempts to avoid her family's legacy to the death of Caesarion, the last pharaoh of Egypt, we explore the stories behind some of the most famous families in history. We also look at the end of the Tudor dynasty and the House of Stuart, and the demise of the Spanish Habsburgs due to inbreeding. Finally, we look at the last direct descendant of George Washington, and the extinction of the Washington family line. 

So, without further ado, let's dive into the stories of these 11 powerful families and their eventual fall from grace.

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Ming Dynasty: Too big, too expensive.

CRACKED THE MING DYNASTY During the Ming Dynasty, the royal family got too big and it was too expensive to support them all, which caused financial problems and eventually led to their downfall. In 1644, the last emperor of the dynasty, Chóngzhēn, took his own life.

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