14 Surefire Ways to Get Blacklisted Or Banned

Ruin your career and tarnish your legacy in one easy step!
14 Surefire Ways to Get Blacklisted Or Banned

For whatever reason, 2022 was particularly bad for cheating in the sports world. With one scandal after another in events like chess, poker, and even fishing, we started thinking about world renowned scandals as a whole. There’s something quite intriguing about the desire to win or succeed becoming so powerful that it destroys rational thinking, ruins careers, and even puts people in harm’s way. For real y’all, calm down. Like, you just had to win that fishing tournament that badly? 

The old saying, “It’s not the journey, it’s the destination,” was completely lost on these rascals. They only wanted to be teleported to that sweet, sweet destination, but hey, we all want success without having to put the work in. That’s just human nature. Luckily for most of us, our corner-cutting or bad decision making aren’t international news that forever tarnishes our legacies. Like these 14 complete dolts who got themselves blacklisted, banned, or shitcanned!  

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This is the most shameful shit we’ve ever heard of.

CRACKED FOR CLAIMING THAT YOU'RE DISABLED TO BEAT THE DISABLED. Spain's disabled basketball team won gold in the 2000 Paralympics, but it was revealed that almost none of the players had disabilities. They were stripped of their medals, and all events for intellectually disabled Spanish athletes were suspended for several years. E 3 Sudney 2000 Sydis 2000 S dne 1 ENCH O IP 15 9 ESP 4 0 3 15 4

Yahoo / Mama Mia 

Their career numbers are as trusted as Mafia accounting logs.

CRACKED JUICING YOUR STATS BY JUICING YOUR PIPES. The career stats of Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, and Sammy Sosa would otherwise make them HoF locks, but in 2022, the Baseball Writers' Association rejected them for a 10th and final time because of performance enhancing drugs. $ GIANTS FRAN GISCO


Just how “wild” is this wild wolf?

CRACKED PASSING OFF A TAME WOLF AS A WILD ONE. Out of 43, 135 photos, José Luis Rodriguez's photo of a rare Iberian wolf got him named Wildlife Photographer of the Year. An investigation found that it wasn't a wild wolf, and he was stripped of the prestigious award and banned for life.


It’s near-impossible to get your Grammy revoked, but they pulled it off.

CRACKED CLAIMING THAT THE FACE OF THE OPERATION WAS THE VOICE. Milli Vanilli's Best New Artist Grammy was revoked in 1990 because it was revealed that they didn't sing on the record. German producer Frank Farian hired the models to lip sync over pre-recorded music and tried to pass them off as the real deal. UNLESS SBERRY SEE

Stereo Gum

Was that payment really worth it, fellas?

CRACKED RIGGING THE WORLD SERIES. Eight members of the Chicago White Sox accepted money to intentionally lose the 1919 World Series. Historians have called the Black Sox scandal the biggest blemish on U.S. professional sports, and they were all banned from professional baseball. & x

Sabr / NY Times 

Will Smith wishes he could “Keep his name off this f***in’ list!”

CRACKED SLAPPING THE HOST OF THE OSCARS. Accosting Chris Rock over a joke at the 2022 Oscars got Will Smith banned from attending the ceremonies for 10 years, and had the world think a lot less of him.

Cafe Mom

It’s your losers’ fault for bringing feet to a car fight.

CRACKED USING A CAR IN AN OLYMPIC MARATHON. At the 1904 Olympics, Fred Lorz' manager drove him 11 of the 26.2 miles. Не won the race (clearly) but witnesses saw him and told the officials. His medal was stripped and he was banned for life.

List Verse / Twitter 

Cara Dune? More Like Cara Done! Am I right?

CRACKED BEING A COMPLETE PRICK ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Disney fired Gina Carano from The Mandalorian for Instagram posts that mocked pronouns, downplayed BLM, and compared the oppression of right-wing conservatives to Jews in the Holocaust.

Deadline / CBR 

We like to picture Homer Simpson pickaxing “speed holes” into his hood.

CRACKED ILLEGALLY MODIFYING YOUR RACE CAR. In 2022, NASCAR disqualified 1st and 2nd place Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch after their cars failed the post-race inspection. Both cars were modified with materials not permitted by NASCAR. Fe mesm's 18 Exوم DATE MAD NATIONAL NALIA faf CUPSERVES R SNICKERS SportClips ROHDY NASCAR Rheem GOODFYL AR Skittles digr SportDigs FedEx Fed m&m's SHC m m m m m m MAC TOOLS the

USA Today

This didn’t help that overall presumption in the sports world.

CRACKED FIXING HUNDREDS OF NBA GAMES. In 2007, then-referee Tim Donaghy was arrested for betting on hundreds of games that he officiated. Не was convicted and sentenced to 2 years in jail for match fixing and affecting the result of games to benefit himself and others.

Yahoo / CBS 

Using puberty to your advantage.

CRACKED LYING ABOUT YOUR STAR PLAYER'S AGE. In 2001, Danny Almonte was touted as a future major leaguer at the age of 12 - until it was discovered that he was 14. His team's Little League World Series wins were forfeited and the team's manager was barred from Little League. NY

Stacker / NBC 

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