13 Rare Bits Of Trivia We Bartered With A Traveling Bauble Merchant In Exchange For A Goodly Amount Of Elemental Monster Parts

13 Rare Bits Of Trivia We Bartered With A Traveling Bauble Merchant In Exchange For A Goodly Amount Of Elemental Monster Parts

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It is said that knowledge is power. From the moment we are born, we are constantly learning and growing. Every day, we are presented with new and exciting opportunities to expand our knowledge and understanding of the world around us. But sometimes, the most interesting pieces of knowledge are those that are seemingly mundane or trivial. These are the facts that are often overlooked, yet can be the most fascinating when you take the time to really think about them. 

This list of phenomenally interesting pieces of trivia is a celebration of the small, often forgotten, facts that make life so interesting. From the Native Americans who served as code talkers during World War II, to the living root bridges connecting people for centuries, to the giant advertisement made from 8,000 pine trees, this list is full of fascinating tidbits that will leave you in awe. So, without further ado, let us dive into this collection of phenomenally interesting pieces of trivia.

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CRACKED A GUY HAD HIS TWIN LIVING INSIDE HIM FOR DECADES. For nearly 40 years, a man in India had a twin living inside him without him knowing. It wasn't until he had an operation that they found out and were able to take it out. His doctor said, To my surprise and horror, I could shake hands with somebody inside.

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Advertising: not forever.

CRACKED STUDEBAKER'S 8,000-TREE AD LASTED 80 YEARS. In 1938, they planted 8,000 pine trees to create a giant advertisement for Studebaker. After 80 years with no maintenance, the sign has thinned out to just 2,000 trees, but it's still visible from the air.

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Welles: Just tired, not drunk.

CRACKED ORSON WELLES: SLEEPY, NOT DRUNK. Welles wasn't drunk during that infamous Paul Masson wine commercial, he was just really tired from working all night and had taken a sleeping pill.

Paul Masson


Drive-thru mourning: now available in Michigan.

CRACKED DRIVE-THRU FUNERALS ARE A THING NOW. The Paradise Funeral Chapel in Saginaw, Michigan has a drive-thru window so people can pay their respects to a lost loved one without having to get out of their car. It's the first of its kind in Michigan. ENTER Drive-Thru Viewing SP

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ABC News

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