13 Celebrities Who Need to Log Off Of Twitter

You made it! You're rich and famous! You don't have to post anymore!
13 Celebrities Who Need to Log Off Of Twitter

Social media has revolutionized the way we connect and interact with each other, and for the first time in history, we’re actually able to get some direct responses from celebrities. Stars share their thoughts, promote their work, and engage with their fans on Twitter, but some take it to a whole new level of strange. Yes, we’re all about viewing the trainwreck of a real-time lapse in judgment, but we’re left to wonder… Do we really need to be hearing from these famous folks in the first place?

Up-and-coming actors, comedians, and creative types use social media to help build their brand, but when the brand is already built, are celebrities just standing on their digital soapboxes, yelling whatever random shit pops in their heads? We guess that’s what Twitter is for, but you’re famous damnit, maybe consult your publicist first! In the realm of weird celebrity tweets, we explore the outrageous, downright bizarre musings that left wondering why these 13 celebrities don’t just log off Twitter for good.

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Two overshares with one stone. Sorry… One Rock.

DWAYNE JOHNSON PUTS DJ KHALED IN HIS PLACE WITH TMI. CRACKED After DJ Khaled revealed that he would never perform oral sex on his wife, The Rock tweeted, As a man, I take great pride in mastering ALL performances. This is probably a little TMI.. I will now quietly excuse myself from this fun thread.


Is there a deeper meaning here, or is the shock value just ‘cus?

YOUNG THUG'S TWEETS ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO DECIPHER. CRACKED Fans are confused by what could either be inside jokes or random nothingness. Tweets like, I hate when GIRLS die, I'm changing my name to SEX, and We smokin' penises are serious head-scratchers.

Twitter / WRDW 

Don’t forget all those Sports Illustrated pics!

WHEN MARTHA STEWART STRAYS FROM HER LIFESTYLE BRAND. CRACKED She mostly promotes her many projects, but every once in a while, there'll be a post about wiping blood from her dogs' mouths after they killed an opossum, or an implication that she could be Pete Davidson's next girlfriend.

In Style / Today 

The bus? Maybe if 4 security guards come with you. Actually no, here’s your own.

KYLIE JENNER'S MIDDLE CLASS COSPLAY. CRACKED Kylie Jenner posted that her daughter Stormi wanted to ride a school bus, so they bought her one. Fans called it middle class for a day, and called her out of touch. She also tweeted, last night I had cereal and milk for the first time. life changing.

Teen Vogue / Allure 

Madonna is just like you and me.

MADONNA PRAISED COVID FOR MAKING US ALL EQUAL. CRACKED On March 23, 2020, from a milky bath with rose petals, Madonna gave an out-of-touch we're in this together speech, saying what's wonderful about it is that it's made us all equal in many ways. Less financially secure people ripped into her online.

CNN / People 

Not that she’d ever log off, but like, please?

KRIS JENNER IS GROSS IN MULTIPLE WAYS. CRACKED She consistently brags about her wealth and power, and when People Magazine tweeted that Kim's house was $20 million, she responded that it was $60 million. She also once tweeted about sharting her pants (then explained what sharting is).

Twitter / People 

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