13 Massive Scandals That Look Downright Quaint By Modern Standards

13 Massive Scandals That Look Downright Quaint By Modern Standards

Time is a funny thing. The first audible curse words in film occurred in 1929’s Glorifying the Girl, and those “curse words” were just quaint. It’s easy to see how the times have changed over the better part of a century, but as we’ve learned from this list, many more recent scandals that were once deemed, well, scandalous, are now commonplace in pop culture. Countless podcasts will tell you that censorship was once synonymous with “the right,” but more and more “the left” has been keeping the status quo in check. We’ll just stick to the sassy fun facts and opt out of torching the comment section with a political stance of our own.

Get to the list? Okay, okay, we’re on it. We just thought it was funny that a whole lot of “controversy” was drummed up over something that would be laughed off or eye-rolled today. While perusing, take a moment to think of the angry letters, the picket signs, and the raised blood pressure over these 12 massive scandals that look downright quaint by modern standards.

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The church just doesn’t hold weight like it used to.

SINÉAD O'CONNOR TORE UP A PICTURE OF THE POPE ON SNL. CRACKED In 1992, the act got her a lifetime ban and effectively destroyed her mainstream career. In 2001, the Pope himself apologized for the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests, and with social media, political statements like this are made every day.

LA Times

Popular music has gotten a whole lot more sexualized in the last 2 decades.

MADONNA AND BRITNEY SPEARS' VMAS KISS. CRACKED At the 2003 VMAs, people were utterly shocked that Madonna sensually kissed Britney and Christina Aguilera on stage. Only 5 years later, Katy Perry's hit song about kissing girls and liking it hit #1 on Billboard.

Autostraddle / Billboard 

What, you can’t joke about weed and the crucifixion anymore?

SAM KINISON'S WEED AND CRUCIFIXION JOKES ON SNL. CRACKED In 1986, he was asked not to tell his joke about the crucifixion, but he didn't listen. Не also surprised everybody with a weed joke that he didn't do at rehearsal. The jokes were cut from the West Coast feed and he was banned.

Yardbarker / History Bday 

Oh no, Martha! That hippity hop music is influencing Hannah Montana!

MILEY CYRUS TWERKING AT THE VMAS. VI X 0 MUS AV DS Jose CRACKED Now common in pop music, Miley twerking in 2013 was deemed outrageous in countless articles, and sparked numerous debates about cultural appropriation and hypersexualizing the music industry.


Don’t do it, Elvis. Okay Lorne… I promise I won’t.

ELVIS COSTELLO'S RADIO RADIO PERFORMANCE ON SNL. CRACKED In 1977, Lorne told him not to play Radio Radio because it was critical of corporate broadcasting. Не initially agreed, but played it anyway, and was banned! Critical of corporate broadcasting? Oooh, scandalous!

Goliath / Pitchfork 

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