12 Fictional Workplaces That Should Have Unionized

Sitcoms love dumping on H.R., but these fictional employees were desperate for it.
12 Fictional Workplaces That Should Have Unionized

How many zany workplace antics can these unfortunate employees handle?! As hilarious as these shows are, their staff takes a lot of flack from bosses, corporate, and the overall “workplace culture.” Quitting would be the right move in real life, but for the characters to quit, it’d mean they were probably getting written off the show. We’ve all had that classic fantasy job-quit, and maybe one day we’ll actually develop a spine, hold our heads high, and snag one last bag of Cheez-Its on our Irish-Goodbye outta this dump! One day… One day. 

If quitting isn’t an option, maybe unionizing could be a huge step towards fair pay and fair treatment! A keg of beer almost got the Springfield Power Plant to give in, but Lisa’s dental plan (you read that in Lenny’s voice, didn’t you?) got Homer to fight for their rights! Some of them did, and some got very close, but for the sake of these poor, poor fictional employees, all 12 of these fictional workplaces should have unionized.

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Lou Grant was the patriarch of mean sitcom bosses.

CRACKED THE WJM NEWS STATION THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW Mary's gruff boss Lou Grant says what every boss is thinking (but should never actually say). If I don't like you, l'll fire you! If you don't like me, l'll fire you! They all need to unionize for job security.


Man, we’re glad Peter got outta that place.

CRACKED INITECH OFFICE SPACE With the smug, passive aggressive Bill Lumbergh asking workers to come in on weekends, we're glad Peter was hypnotized into not caring. If the company survives the fire, everyone else should definitely unionize.

Inc / Youtube 

If Vogue actually unionized, its fictional counterpart should too!

CRACKED RUNWAY MAGAZINE THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA TWONGICIO Meryl Streep's Miranda Priestly is reportedly based on real-life Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour (Vogue has luckily unionized). Her cutting insults and intimidation make for a hostile and toxic workplace.

People / Vanity Fair 

Imagine picket signs reading, “We want to breathe! We want to speak!”

CRACKED THE KRUSTY KRAB SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS GALLEY GRUB ORGAN HERE Mr. Krabs has put his employees through countless money-making schemes, regardless of safety. SpongeBob and Squidward once went on strike after Mr. Krabs tried to charge them for breathing and speaking, to no avail.

Youtube / EW 

Dental plan! Lisa needs braces! You read those in Lenny and Marge’s voices, didn’t you?

CRACKED THE SPRINGFIELD NUCLEAR POWER PLANT. THE SIMPSONS A HAN Lossis They actually had a union! In Season 4, Episode 17 Last Exit to Springfield they almost give up their dental plan for a keg of beer, but Homer convinces them not to because Lisa needs braces. Не was elected the new Union President.

Wikipedia / Bubbleblabber 

If you think about it, Leslie would be a nightmare to work for.

CRACKED THE PAWNEE PARKS DEPARTMENT PARKS & REC Toxic positivity is a thing, Leslie. She oversteps personal boundaries, has her staff work for her personal benefit, and not only allows, but participates in the incessant bullying of Jerry Gergich.

CBR / Thrillist 

Ava Eva Coleman makes no attempt to hide her unprofessionalism.

CRACKED ABBOTT ELEMENTARY ABBOTT ELEMENTARY On top of her overall incompetence and unprofessionalism, Principal Coleman's first line to Gregory is sexual harassment. Oh, you're the sub. Forgive me. I thought one of my colleagues here hired a stripper for me.

Screenrant / Vulture 

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