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5 Really Weird Side Effects Of My Learning Disability

Puzzles are impossible to do, and do you know how many actual puzzles we deal with in real life? (Hint: a lot.)


Why People Are Terrible, Pt 3: Fashion And Celebrity Culture

'Why are people such s***heads?


6 Historic Sex and Dating Rituals You'll Be Glad Died Out

Throughout the Middle Ages, it wasn't unheard-of for marital disputes to be negotiated via trial by combat.


6 Hilariously Elaborate Ways People Cheated At Stuff

Pigeon racing is a deadly serious competition, so of course there are pigeon doping scandals.


4 B-List X-Men Whose Powers Have Really Stupid Implications

We're glad Husk never made it into a film, because ... gross.


6 Absolutely Insane Perks Of Being Ultra-Rich

NSFW Warning: This article features Babylonian levels of decadence. Also, golden boobs.


How I Used Fake Reviews For Tons Of Free Crap

The internet is both the greatest tool for communication, and an endless source of villainy.


5 Brilliant Crimes By People Who Totally Sucked At Crime

Most people would sell the art they steal when they learn it's worth over a billion dollars. Not Stephane Breitwiester.


It Happens Here: The Reality of Female Genital Mutilation

Warning: This article may lead to some broken monitors and mobile devices.


5 Things You Had No Idea God Hates

Strangely, God isn't a huge fan of a lot of birds, which makes you wonder why he made them to begin with.


5 Horrifying Tragedies Behind Everyday Routines

Many of the things you think are routine only became that way after massive amounts of suffering.


An Insider's Look At The Dark Underbelly Of Amusement Parks

Warning: Reading this might make you quit amusement parks forever. Read at your own risk.


6 People Who Were The Scum Of The Earth During Tragedies

After every horrible disaster, there's always those of lesser scruples who have no problem trying to make gobs of money off of others' sympathy and suffering.


Moms Think You're Creepy: 5 WTF Side Effects Of Single Dads

On many occasions, when one of my kids made a new friend, their parents would hastily decide that it was time to go home.


5 Random Questions You Didn't Know You Wanted Answered

We all have stupid questions that need answering. Fortunately, living in the 21st Century have provided us a means to get those answers via curious internet columnists.