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4 More Satirists Attacked By People Who Missed The Point

Four more satirists who had to take crap from people who quite simply missed the point.


An Interview With Caps Lock: The Most Misunderstood Key

A few weeks ago Google unveiled a prototype of a new Chrome based netbook to the world. Truly a computer for the Internet age, several interesting design choices were made with this netbook, including the decision to remove the Caps Lock key.


5 Wildly Popular Car Modifications That Must Be Stopped

I became a junior member of the rice rocket club and I'm dealing with my guilt by pointing out much more ridiculous rice rockets in a desperate bid to prove I'm still cool.


Apple: Hype vs. Reality [CHART]

It's starting to seem like every year around this time, everyone starts talking about an upcoming release from Apple. This year is no different, though things seem somehow quieter this time around ...


The iPhone Service Provider Debate Is Getting Weird

>Earlier this week it was announced that, for the first time ever, the iPhone would be supported by a network other than AT&T - specifically Verizon.


5 Things We All Do That Make Hackers' Lives Incredibly Easy

Hollywood portrays hackers as superpowered math geniuses who can intimidate computers into giving them whatever they want through intense keyboard mashing. But in reality, it's so much easier. And that's because computers are secure, and never will be.


Why Modern War FPS Games All Look the Same [CHART]

As we've pointed out before, the gaming industry is out of ideas, and the modern war FPS is probably the best place to go for proof. To truly get a handle on the system while making us all billionaires, we figured out the formula behind the game development process. It wasn't that hard, actually.


5 Things from the 70s We Want Back

Make with the quality concept albums.


If The Real World Operated on Video Game Logic

Ah, if only the real world could be more like a video game. There, wounds heal instantly and death lasts only as long as a load screen. The men are bald and armed, the women have proportions that make Barbie look like a teenage boy.


8 Stupid Amazon Products With Impressively Sarcastic Reviews

Everybody is a comedian these days, and the internet has given them a stage. Maybe the best example is It's very simple: anybody can write a review, on any product, whether they have bought it or not. So it's just a matter of finding a baffling/ridiculous/useless product and watching the internet's sarcasm run wild.


The 8 Most WTF Ideas In the History of Transportation

Invent the next great innovation in transportation technology, and you'll be living in a house made of platinum. The problem, of course, is that your innovation has to actually, you know, work.


7 Insanely Advanced Weapons History Somehow Forgot About

Some ancient weapons were literally centuries ahead of their time yet wound up in the trash when society decided they were simply too awesome for their time.


7 Silver Linings Now That You've Lost Your Job

We present to you the lighter side of being forcibly unemployed. We hope these will help you get on with your life, or at least stop crying in your car.


6 Shocking Ways TV Rewires Your Brain

Watching enough television rewires your brain in a bunch of unexpected ways. The science for it is pretty much overwhelming.


If The Characters from 'Street Fighter 2' Got Hammered

Street Fighter 2 Drunk for Pants.