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5 Reasons You Should Hate Professional Sports

Now, I don't think sportings themselves are bad. No no no, the institution of professional athletics is the festering pile of social ills that I'm tackling today.


4 Terrible Golf Tips For Beginners (By a Beginner)

I've collected a few tips and tricks for people interested in learning how to play perhaps the laziest sport you can make millions playing on a professional level.


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The 5 Most Insane Ways Underdogs Won Olympic Medals

The Olympics have always been full of underdog stories, and consistently prove that you can overcome almost anything if you're determined, insane, or both.


4 Reasons We Were Right Not to Boycott the Olympics

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The 5 Biggest Lies Everyone Tells About the Super Bowl

Like any major event that's been happening for an extended amount of time, there's no shortage of myth and lore surrounding the Super Bowl.


8 Crazy Sports Traditions That Got Out of Control

These eight traditions were created by teams and fans that truly care, some to the point where they stopped giving any kind of shit about possibly killing a bunch of people with their traditions.


5 Old-Timey Rules Sports Should Bring Back Immediately

The early days of pro sports had some of the most entertaining rules imaginable, and bringing them back would freshen up pro ball handling overnight.


5 Reasons Steroids Were Never the Real Problem in Baseball

Has baseball been a dirty sport for the last 20 years? Nope, it's been dirty forever.


The 5 Most Useless Things Said During Sports Broadcasts

These are people who are paid to be insightful, yet sputter nothing but stupidity for two hours straight.


A Shadow History of American Football

Football is, and always will be, a rough-and-tumble game.


The 9 Most Creative MMA Attacks Ever

Sometimes even MMA fighters take a cue from pro wrestling.