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4 Reasons The Best Awards Show In History Is WrestleMania

How do Tables, Ladders, and Chairs matches have more gravitas than tuxedoed white guys giving statues to other tuxedoed white guys? It should be obvious ...


5 Things That Everyone Forgets Always Ruins Football In L.A.

Hey, L.A.! Before you grab your oversized foam finger and start trash-talking other football cities, you might want to examine if you really want this or not.


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6 Strange (Sometimes Illegal) Realities Of Fox Hunting

It's a brutal sport where the fox never dies instantly, and sometimes, when you're there, only pieces of the animal remain.


7 Sports Stars Who Were In Nightmarishly Bad Commercials

If you're a pro-athlete moderately well-known within your city, the low-budget, low-creativity world of commercials for local businesses is your financial salvation -- and the only taste of the superstar lifestyle you may ever get.


Cheating Means Survival: 5 Realities Of An NCAA Athlete

Let's just come out and say it: College sports are shady as hell.


Blood, Drugs, & Cheating: 5 R-Rated Realities Of Gymnastics

Future Olympic gymnasts get their start as toddlers, and then it gets worse.


The 7 Most Insane Dick Moves Ever Pulled By Sports Fans

Scholars thousands of years from now will pore over millions of minutes of televised sporting events and conclude we were a bunch of assholes.


6 Pro Wrestlers Who Went Crazier Outside The Ring Than In It

These were reported by witnesses who may or may not be full of shit. All we can do is dutifully pass them along, as they are amazing.


Stink Is A Weapon: 5 Facts Of MMA Fighting (Not Seen On TV)

Any part of the body can be used to defeat your opponents. Even the excrement.


5 Things I Learned From Taking Up Soccer (As An Adult)

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We spoke to William Lane, a former player and volunteer coach in Central Texas. He told us some things about the crazy zeitgeist surrounding high school football.


Drugs, Violence, And Soccer: 6 Realities Of Hooliganism

We talked to a couple soccer hooligans to shed some light on the uniquely passionate (read: insane) culture they're apart of.


5 Insane Sports We Brought Back (In The Worst Possible Way)

These sports were truly exciting, truly chilling, and, most of all, truly deadly. So of course a bunch of them are making a comeback in the dumbest ways possible.