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We Did It, Everyone: We Found A Dinosaur Butthole

And now we know way more about them than we ever wanted to.


You're More Likely to Believe Misinformation In Image Form

We will never lie about James Woods getting freaky, with a robot, in photo form.


5 Modern Life Systems With Death-Star-Ridiculous Weaknesses

Like the Death Star, our world is made up of massive, complicated systems that have some ridiculous weaknesses


Scientists Have Dispelled The Myth Of The 'Poop Knife'

It’s a crappy experiment but someone had to do it.


Early Humans Possibly Hibernated (And We Should Too)

Last I checked, you can't get evicted from a cave.


Octopuses Punch Fish Out of Spite, Research Shows

Octopuses, they're just like us -- spiteful jerks!


55 Animals With Sensational Powers

Prepare to be amazed, disgusted, and occasionally terrified.


5 Medical Procedures From 30 Years Ago (That Now Seem Barbaric)

Even in the Seventies and Eighties, medicine was nothing like today.


The Murder Dollhouses That Changed Forensic Science

A teensy tiny window into the world of crime.


Australia Fined NASA For Littering ... A Space Station

Skylab was going to fall, and where it was going to land, no-one knew.


The Scientific Formula For Making Friends (Seriously)

Making new friends? It's largely a numbers game.


5 Of Modern History's Dumbest Inventions (Came From One Guy)

It takes a real genius to imagine such fantastically stupid things.


5 'Whoa' Scenes From Ancient Earth School Forgot To Teach

Recorded history is just a tiny sliver of the planet's real history.


R.I.P. Arecibo Telescope - You Absolute Unit

A painful goodbye to the most well-hung telescope in the world.


Great Tits Could be Global Warming's Next Victim (The Bird, That Is)

Global warming has officially gone too far.