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The 5 Most Awesomely Bad Comic Book Movies

The Internet has overlooked one key group of comic book films: the best worst movies. Good thing I wrote this article to fix that


7 Classic Movies That Almost Had Absurdly Dark Endings

Thankfully, someone decided to change them to keep people from sobbing through several traffic lights on their way home from the theater.


The 6 Most Idiotic Decisions by Authority Figures in Movies

Authority figures, from police departments to federal agencies, aren't known for making the wisest decisions in movies. In fact, some of them are bafflingly stupid.


5 Badass New Sci-Fi Movies You Can Watch on Your Lunch Break

You can watch all of these right now, for free, and in less time than it takes to rub one out! Which I assume you terribly literal bastards will take as a personal challenge.


8 Characters You Won't Believe Are Based on Real People

Some characters are so bizarre, improbable, or flat-out impossible that you have to wonder how their creators ever came up with them. In a surprising amount of cases, the answer is that they didn't.


5 Basic Facts of Life (Were Made Up by Marketing Campaigns)

No matter how cynical you think you are about the influence of advertising on things we consider traditions, it's always surprising how far it goes.


The 7 Most Half-Assed Monsters in Movie History

A great movie monster taps into our most primal fears, a terrible one taps into equal parts hilarity and sadness.


5 Fan Theories About Cartoons That Will Ruin Your Childhood

Crazy is like currency on the Internet, and among all the garbage, some strangely compelling ideas can emerge, making you rethink shows you thought you knew well.


6 Classic Movies Made Possible by Reckless Endangerment

Sometimes directors decide that the only way to make sure your actors look like they're about to die is by actually risking their lives.


8 Fictional Weapons That Are Too Dangerous to Actually Use

Here are eight fictional weapons that would work only against life insurance claim investigators, because they make your suicide too stupid and confusing to prove.


4 Things 'The Running Man' Teaches You About Life

I have managed to glean four totally real, totally useful life lessons from The Running Man. And here they are.


5 Fan Theories That Make Classic Movies Even Better

Every once in a while, we come across a mind-blowing fan theory that makes a disturbing amount of sense, casting a movie we've all seen a million times in a whole new light.


4 Bad Movies That Could Be Awesome Remakes

I do this as an optimist. I think these movies deserve another chance. We can rebuild them. We have the technology.


5 Recurring Movie Extras You Won't Believe You Never Noticed

The best Easter eggs are the ones that were staring you in the face all along, but you never saw them.