You Don't NEED Any Of These Items, But They Sure Are Cool

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There are things in this world. Things that you don't have. Things that you want. Things that, OK, you might not necessarily "need," but which would be super rad to have, would make all your friends envious, and would make your life so much easier. Here are ten things that are about to make your world a much better, radder place.

DreamScreen HD Backlighting And Total Surround Kit

You Don't NEED Any Of These Items, But They Sure Are Cool

Backlighting kits aren't just there to provide a spectral glow for your TV on Halloween. They're there to make those explosions really pop. The DreamScreen does this by making the screen a bit bigger and the colors a bit softer on your eyes. And voila, you now have the perfect viewing experience for Michael Bay's boom-booms.

Buy Now: $154.99 -- 8 percent off $169.99

Methven Kiri Low-Flow Full Body Shower Handset

You Don't NEED Any Of These Items, But They Sure Are Cool

Have you been taking 30-second showers to save water and reduce your carbon footprint? No, of course not. You've been singing Phil Collins and having pretend arguments with your boss like the rest of us.

But you should conserve, and even if you can't bare to take a shorter shower because it's your only way to reach critical focus or the Avatar state or whatever, we still have a green solution for you. With this shower handset, you can use 40 percent less water than the average shower head while still getting nice and squeaky clean. Long showers and reducing your carbon footprint? Nice.

Buy Now: $48.99 -- 16 percent off $59

Rocketbook Reusable Smart Notebook

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Writing notes by hand is an immensely satisfying experience that keeps us in touch with the great masters like J.K. Rowling, who famously wrote the entirety of Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone on cocktail napkins in an Edinburgh coffee shop. (Allegedly. We're pretty sure she must have at least used some tablecloth for notes.) But say you want to upgrade beyond the napkins. Then you should invest in a Rocketbook, which gives you the experience of hand-writing notes and then transports those notes directly to the cloud so you'll always have access.

Buy Now: $19.99 -- 25 percent off $27

Xeric Soloscope RQ Watches

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Xeric didn't become one of Kickstarter's most successful watch brands by accident or through one of those "million monkeys on a million typewriters" scenarios. Xeric has an addiction to innovation. The Soloscope integrates a 24-hour indicator, a 60-second stopwatch, and the time in five-minute increments into one surprisingly well-organized dial.

Buy Now: $199.99 -- 42 percent off $350

Cyclist Card Every Carry Multi-Tool

You Don't NEED Any Of These Items, But They Sure Are Cool

Your bike is going to have problems from time to time, and if you're not properly equipped to fix it, then you will quickly end up with a very rusty but expensive lawn ornament. This multi-tool was explicitly designed for cyclists, fits in your wallet, and can perform 43 functions to fix anything from a wobbly seat to a bent disk brake.

Buy Now: $72 -- 20 percent off $90

Amazon Echo Dot Smart Battery Case

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Amazon gave Alexa a name so that every time her battery died, you would feel the crippling despair of the loss of a loved one. So rather than learn robot CPR, just get the Amazon Echo Smart Battery Case, which can keep your treasured family member's life going for 10-15 hours.

Buy Now: $26.99 -- 32 percent off $39.99

CINEMOOD Portable Movie Projector

You Don't NEED Any Of These Items, But They Sure Are Cool

This cute little projector is the future's answer to portable entertainment. It works as a standalone device, meaning you don't need to connect it to a computer or wall outlet to play a TV show. It can stream Netflix and YouTube, and even download and play Netflix content offline. Pop some wheels on this guy, and it's the closest thing we have to R2-D2 rolling around playing videos of Leia.

Buy Now: $349 -- 12 percent off $399

Mighty: The First On-The-Go Spotify Music Player

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If you still have a working iPod, then congratulations on holding on to a piece of tech from the Bronze Age. But if you don't and want a music player for the modern era, then please consider the Mighty. This pocket-sized device looks and functions a little like an iPod Shuffle, except you can upload up to 1,000 songs to it straight from Spotify and listen to them without WiFi. So if you're going to the gym and you don't want to bring your phone, you can totally do that now. You're triceps are looking nice, by the way.

Buy Now: $85.99

Bundle Bed Portable Sleeping Solution

You Don't NEED Any Of These Items, But They Sure Are Cool

Have you ever let a friend crash on your couch that even you don't think is all that comfortable, or crammed way too many people into an Airbnb? Sucks, don't it? Well NO LONGER. Bundle Bed is so much more than an air mattress or a sleeping bag. It comes with a mattress, pillow, and sheets, and it all folds up into a carry-on sized bag. Now the only thing you'll have to worry about when exceeding the occupation limit of an Airbnb is getting caught by the homeowner.

Buy Now: $199.99 -- 29 percent off $284.99

Mini Bean Bag Toss


Now you can have all the fun of a lawn without having to deal with any of that pesky nature. This device lets you play cornhole (bean bag toss, whatever) inside! At a table! Not everybody loves Monopoly or Settlers Of Catan (which is deeply upsetting), so it's good to have a little game alternative.

Buy Now: $54.99 -- 21 percent off $69.99

No, you don't NEED a Hoverboard Cat. But don't you want one?

Oh, and by the way, These 9 Items Are Like, Cool, Man (And So Are The Prices).

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