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It's really cool that you've played over 10,000 hours of Fortnite and can now consider yourself a master. But you know what's even cooler? Designing and building the next Fortnite and making billions off of it. (And then spending another 10,000 hours to be a master of that.) All it takes to begin your gaming empire is a little training, plus some ingenuity and work ethic. You might already have the ingenuity and work ethic, but you'll need to buy the training. Fortunately, The Learn Game Design Certification Bundle is on sale now.

Why Play Games When You Can Build Them With This Bundle?

This seven-course bundle is beginner-friendly and covers everything involved with creating engaging, exciting games for multiple platforms. You'll delve into UI design to set up interactive, easy-to-use menus, creating characters and art for your games, building game environments, and much more. It's the kind of comprehensive, foundational education that not even Socrates could question. Before you know it, you'll have the skills to design and build basic games to completion and add some unique customization.

Let this 15-hour bundle get you started on your game design journey. It'll be a much more productive use of your time than getting to 10,015 hours of Fortnite. The Learn Game Design Certification Bundle is on sale for $18.97, but you can bring the price down to $16 when you use code MerrySave15 at checkout.

Prices are subject to change.

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