This Bundle Will Take You From Beginner To Business Owner

Digital marketing involves all kinds of skills from Facebook posts to copywriting.
This Bundle Will Take You From Beginner To Business Owner

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Remember in ninth grade, when you got your heart broken for the first time and wrote a wall-of-text screed about it on Facebook, garnering six likes, two funny comments, and a poke from your aunt? Well it turns out you weren't just experiencing heartbreak for the first time; you were learning valuable marketing skills. Because in this crazy future, digital marketing involves all kinds of high school skills like Facebook posts and copywriting. And you can learn all of them and more with the classes included in the Complete Digital Copywriting Master Class. And you can get them all for just $39 in the Cracked Shop today!

This Bundle Will Take You From Beginner To Business Owner

The Complete Digital Marketing Management Course

Selling stuff online isn't just pithy Facebook posts and snazzy Instagram skills. It's traffic monitoring, knowing what mistakes to avoid, crafting compelling emails, and understanding a whole ton of metrics. If you want all those skills clearly labeled and explained so that you don't show up to the first day of work looking like a dolt, then this is the course for you.

Copywriting: How To Be A Crazy Good Copywriter

There's "good," there's "really good," and then there's "crazy good." Someday someone will invent an even better intensifier, but it hasn't happened yet, probably because nobody has been "crazy good" enough. But with this course, that person might just be you.

Key To A Great Copywriting Career

A great copywriting career is about more than being "crazy good," of course -- it's about a diverse skill set. This class will make sure you're equipped with the eclectic collection of skills you need to have an edge over all the other wannabe's vying for a copywriting gig.

How To Start Your Own Freelance Copywriting Business

From writing to pitching to business management, this class covers everything you need to know, except how to deal with the mob when they come demanding protection funds. For that, you'll need to dig up some Kevin Costner movies from the 1980s.

Modern Copywriting: Writing Copy That Sells In 2019

Oddly enough, the first piece of advice in this class is "Don't reference The Untouchables, everyone is sick of that movie." So pretend that joke in the last entry never happened! Instead, learn skills that apply to our current era with this course right here.

Copywriting 101 Essential Skills

You have to embrace the words inside you, screaming to get out, even if those words are about reviewing carpet cleaner. This course will teach you the essentials so that you can add your own perspective to anything you write.

Copywriting Masterclass: Writing That Sells

A solid understanding of the principles of copywriting is the difference between authoring something that is technically written word and authoring something that makes people want to get out their wallets and throw their money at you. Throw in a bit of your own intellect and you might have people shooting cash at you with a cannon.

Normally, all these skills would set you back a hefty $1,177, but you can get all seven classes in the Cracked Shop right now for just $39. That's 96% off!

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