These Wireless Earbuds Are Super Cheap (But Worth Much More)

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Much like a good man, a solid pair of wireless headphones can be hard to find. And while many people will suggest "Just buy some AirPods! They're like MIRACLES for your EARS," not everyone has $159 lying around. That's why we're bringing you a list of our best bang-for-your-buck headphones, saving you the effort of having to scour the internet and every big box retailer in a 24-mile radius. You're welcome.

Here are three great wireless earbuds that you'll absolutely love.

AVANCA Minim True Wireless Earbuds

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These are more than just earbuds. They're best buds. Buds for life. That's because these little guys carry high sound quality, easily navigable touch controls, comfortable in-ear tips, flawless music app integration, and a lengthy battery life. But do you know why they'll make you want to get matching BFFL bracelets? They won a 2017 Red Dot Design Award, and everyone wants friends they can brag about.

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Buy it now! Normally $159, these earbuds are on sale for $54.99 -- that's 65 percent off.

1Voice Bluetooth 100 Percent Wire-Free Earbuds

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If you're looking for something minimalist and to the point, then these are your Ernest Hemingway. They prioritize top-notch sound quality, ear comfort, and battery life, plus they're extremely small and lightweight, just like the earbuds that guy wore in The Old Man And The Sea, probably? OK, we haven't read that book, but we're pretty sure there's an old man in there, and if he were to get minimalist earbuds, then these would be the ones.

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Buy it now! Normally $119.99, these earphones are on sale for $32 -- that's 73 percent off.

HBQ i7 Twins True Wireless Earphones

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If you like the "in-ear AirPods" look but you don't want to bend a knee (or a wallet) to our Apple overlords quite yet, these have the same aesthetic design and a much lower price tag. You get everything from high-quality noise reduction to echo cancellation technology, meaning you'll never have to talk to anyone outside ever again. Hallelujah.

Buy it now! Normally $49.99, these earphones are on sale for $29.99 -- that's 40 percent off.

Hey Mr. DJ, Turn the music up and listen to the Piano Man on your Beats By Droid. And don't anybody knock you for your lame musical tastes ...

Turn up the noise (and the funk) with Headphones For The Post-Election Apocalypse.

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