These 5 (Super Affordable) Cables Are Like Apple (But Not)

Owning an iPhone can be a convenient and pleasant experience!
These 5 (Super Affordable) Cables Are Like Apple (But Not)

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As much as everyone loves Apple's goodies, their accessories tend to invite controversy. (Unless you're a big fan of overpriced chargers, short cables, etc.) Luckily, third-party cables exist, and we've picked out some good ones that will make owning an iPhone an actually convenient and pleasant experience!

Electron Flow MFi-Certified Charging Cable


Remember that time you were in the back of a Lyft and you could clearly see the charging cable glowing? You thought to yourself, "Man, I gotta get one of these for next to my bed!" before you got to the party, had a few drinks, and forgot they existed. Well, here we are to remind you. (You're welcome!) The Electron Flow MFi-Certified Charging Cable is 3 feet of glowing charging goodness, and though it normally costs $49.99, we have a few ins and can offer it for $19.99.

Nomad Ultra-Rugged Charging Cables


Nomad says that these cables, engineered with braided ballistic nylon, can literally take a bullet. These are bulletproof cables. They are also designed to coil without tangling, and are armed with an RF shield for fast data sync. And did we mention they can literally stop bullets? All that for just $29.95 seems pretty fair to us.

Syncwire 2M UNBREAKcable MFi-Certified Lightning Cable

These 5 (Super Affordable) Cables Are Like Apple (But Not)

Ever wonder how sturdy a cable can be? Syncwire did, and that's how they came up with the UNBREAKcable. With a TPE external jacket, wrapped internal wires, and rated for over 30,000 bends, the Syncwire UNBREAKcable will withstand all the crazy stuff you're always getting up to with your wires. Oh yes, we know about your weird wire habits. We know all about them. Normally $16.99, buy it now (in white or black) for just $12.99.

10-Foot MFi-Certified Lightning Cables -- Three-Pack

These 5 (Super Affordable) Cables Are Like Apple (But Not)

But maybe durability or poor eyesight isn't your problem. Maybe you just need a few extra cables to stow around the office in case of an emergency. Just think of the relief. "Oh no!" you'll think, "I don't have a cable! Wait, no, I taped one to the bottom of my desk!" And then bam! Your phone will be charged and your butthole can return to its un-clenched state. Normally $99.99, a pack of three is available now for just $32.99.

Triton Three-In-One Cable

These 5 (Super Affordable) Cables Are Like Apple (But Not)

But let's say you have some friends who aren't iPhone users, and even though they sully themselves with that Android junk, you still keep them around ironically. If that's the case, the Triton Cable has you covered. It's just as durable as the other cables on this list, with the added bonus of being compatible with Type C and Micro-USB in addition to Apple's standard Lightning port. And you can get it for $9.99.

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