These 5 CBD Products Will Ease Those Aches And Pains

Everybody does indeed hurt.
These 5 CBD Products Will Ease Those Aches And Pains

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"Everybody Hurts" might be R.E.M.'s most overplayed song, and it's not because of the whiny vocals. It's because everybody does indeed hurt. We all have one ailment or another. But fortunately, there are all kinds of CBD products formulated to treat specific maladies head on in a natural way.

Common Ground formulates their CBD supplements with full-spectrum hemp extracts that are farmed, extracted, and packed exclusively in Colorado. They make awesome CBD, is our point, and these products from Common Ground are now all 20% off. So check them out -- and remember to consult your doctor and your state's laws before purchasing.

FOCUS 750 mg Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture + Peppermint

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MSRP: $90. Sale Price: $71.99.

Wait, using CBD to focus more? Isn't CBD supposed to be a relaxant? Sorta! But it can also get you in the proper mindset to concentrate. FOCUS is formulated using broad-spectrum CBD and peppermint extract to taste delicious and help you overcome the 3 o'clock crash without guzzling caffeine.

BALANCE 900 mg CBD Capsules

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MSRP: $65. Sale Price: $51.99.

Life is constantly looking to unbalance you, which is why so many people turn to CBD in the first place. If you're one of those topsy-turvy unbalanced people, then might we suggest BALANCE? (Yeah, it's right there in the name.) BALANCE gives you an all-natural boost that will help you even out and get through your day.

RECOVER 600 mg CBD Muscle Recovery Rub


MSRP: $60. Sale Price: $47.99.

Did you just do over 1,000 bicep curls while getting swole in the gym? How about 10,000 laps in the pool? Or maybe your butt is cramping up as you power through your second Law & Order SVU marathon. Whatever the case, you're feeling the deep burn. That's cool, so have some RECOVER recovery rub. This CBD-infused muscle cream gives you concentrated, powerful pain relief. That way you can quickly transition from experiencing incredible pain to impressing everybody with your wit and charm.

WAKE 1,000 mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

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MSRP: $120. Sale Price: $95.99.

Wake up! Coffee is a glorious creation, but caffeine isn't exactly great for us. WAKE is a nice compromise. You get an all-natural, CBD-induced boost without worrying about scaring off your co-workers / loved ones with vicious coffee breath. Nice!

REST 1,500 mg Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

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MSRP: $140. Sale Price: $111.99.

You can't put a price tag on a great night's sleep. Wait, yes you can! Take that sale price and divide it by 30 ($3.73 per night of sleep for all of you lazy bones who don't want to do the math), because this month's supply of REST CBD tincture will help you get to sleep and stay asleep without putting any potentially harmful chemicals in your body.

Prices are subject to change.

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