The 8 Most Violent Falls Ever Survived on YouTube

If you follow the laws of physics, gravity causes an object to fall at 9.8 m/s2. But there is no law on the Internet.
The 8 Most Violent Falls Ever Survived on YouTube

If you follow the laws of physics, gravity causes an object to fall at 9.8 meters per second squared. But there is no law on the Internet. Every day people upload videos of their friends smashing into the ground with a force far beyond the capabilities of our Earth's gravitational pull. In order to study this phenomenon and explain what science can't, I've developed a nearly mathematical system of collision analysis called Shit Eaten vs. Thinkable Impact, or SETI.

To find the SETI of a person, cat or fat person's fall, you simply take the amount of their Shit Eaten and divide it by the Thinkable Impact that should have occurred if physics were behaving itself. For example, if a man was walking on the ice and ate total shit from a 3-foot fall, you'd have a SETI rating of 33 percent. Everything over 50 percent is technically impossible, and a full SETI rating of 100 percent requires someone to completely explode from a calm, motionless position. A rating of 0 percent either indicates no impact or a massive -- but perfectly reasonable -- impact based on the distance traveled prior to the eating of your shit. For example:

SETI: 0 percent

Yes, it's an amazing impact, and this man's prostate probably deployed out the back of him like an airbag, but given his rate of speed and trajectory, that's exactly what should have happened. Now, let's examine the SETI of some of the Internet's greatest hits, lovingly illustrated by me and my Nintendo.

Mechanical Bull Face Plant

SETI: 52 percent

The 8 Most Violent Falls Ever Survived on YouTube
YouTube has no shortage of fat women riding mechanical bulls, and the reason for this is obvious. A 400-pound lady struggling onto a robot cow is exactly why they put a camera on your phone. Hydraulic lifts call these videos "sex tapes."

What's special about this one is that it isn't the same old slow, heaving build to a predictable fall. Instead, the mechanical bull operator gives us two sneak previews of what's coming. He barely starts the bull twice, and even on the lowest setting, it instantly sends the woman's face crashing into the bull. It's almost like like her lower body was only there to dangle while her top half bounced through our world. This woman's weight distribution is a medical anomaly. You can't counterbalance a garbage bag full of hams with two hollow mannequin legs and call it a person -- that's how you build a trebuchet.

H- How!?

Future victims of hilarious violence can exacerbate their upcoming impact by building up potential energy. I went to public school, so my understanding of potential energy mostly comes from a book report I did on the film Ski Patrol, but it's something like this: You can tell how hard someone is going to party at the bottom of a mountain by how stupid they look at the top of it.

As you can see from the video, this woman spends a huge amount of time looking stupid and building up nervous energy. SETI Fact: When an asshole is about to eat shit, nervous energy has the same scientific properties as potential energy. The longer you giggle and chat before a fall, the longer Physics has to stand behind you and wait, and Physics hates waiting. So as Physics watched this silly woman learn nothing from two face plants, it decided that as soon as that bull got turned up to 0.5, it was going to stop wasting everyone's time and drive her head into it with the screaming power of 1,000 meteors. The universe is like a loose-cannon cop: Sometimes it has to break the law to enforce it.


SETI: 58 percent

The 8 Most Violent Falls Ever Survived on YouTube
Science has never gotten along with the ninja. One side is always going, "You can't explain me!" while the other shrieks, "Who said that!?" It's gotten so bad that if you put Science and a ninja in the same room, they just pretend the other doesn't exist, and they're both right. This video shows exactly why they should never work together. A man with two sets of nunchucks walks in front of a camera and hisses at it. Why? Well, I've found that if you're polite while you hold nunchucks, you never get a chance to use them. Speaking of nunchucks, I'd like to point out that after this guy gets knocked senseless and loses one of his nunchucks, his body's first instinct is to twirl the hell out of the remaining one and jump into a nearby drum kit. That speaks volumes about how much this man kicks ass.

H- How!?

Here's my theory: In the middle of this guy's back flip, science decided to get revenge on the ninja community for all their years of levitating and vanishing. It stopped his rotation precisely at the point that turned his feet into a fulcrum and transferred all his momentum into the world's most amazing headbutt. Seriously, that floor had to go to the hospital. Some experts still argue that science had nothing to do with this -- it's simply what happens when a lazy ninja is transforming into a diving falcon and forgets to do the non-face parts of his body.

Dance Dance Revolution Fatty

SETI: 61 percent

The 8 Most Violent Falls Ever Survived on YouTube
There is another organization that uses the acronym SETI -- the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. And while I respect their desperate efforts to tell star monsters where we are, my system of Shit Eaten vs. Thinkable Impact measures things far more impossible than extra-terrestrial life. For instance, everything in this video.

H- Hhow!?

Every time you add a pound of fat to your body, you also add 3.5 miles of blood vessels. This kid was dancing at a rate of 7 Footlooses per second, and in order for his heart to pump enough blood to his feet for that, it had to summon an otherworldly amount of energy. Ancient wizards called this technique "witchcraft." Modern scientists call it the same fucking thing.

If they have the Internet in the afterlife, all of Sir Isaac Newton's friends posted this on his Facebook page with the comment "lol u were wrong about everything." If every action had an equal and opposite reaction, then everything below this kid should be dead, including the Earth. Watch when he finishes moving his feet like a falling cartoon and he begins his dismount from Dance Dance Revolution's 2-inch platform. He braces himself with his hand and still manages to leave a crater in both the arcade game and the floor. SETI Fact: Inertia refuses to be mocked by the obese.

"Hilarious" Graduation Stunt Accidentally Becomes Hilarious

SETI: 63 percent

The 8 Most Violent Falls Ever Survived on YouTube
Every outrageous person knows that a graduation ceremony is the perfect platform for wacky antics. The whole reason they give you robes is so you can more efficiently expose your penis. But for every legitimate penis shown to the mothers and fathers of your classmates, there's 20 graduating seniors who do something that's barely silly. This girl came up with the uninspired idea to do a little dance, and the dark gods expecting a penis were not pleased. They yanked her brainpan into the stage so hard that the education she'd just completed was squirting out her ears.

H- How!?

Give the unseen and unexplainable hand of fate some credit. What kind of a universe would this be if this type of behavior went unpunished?

Casey Heynes: Bully Buster

SETI: 68 percent

The 8 Most Violent Falls Ever Survived on YouTube
Sometimes the more abstract scientific concepts like to get in on the action. In this case, Natural Selection saw a twerpy kid try to bully someone twice his size and said, "Ha ha, I'm going to remind everyone that I'm still around." There are two important lessons viewers can take from this video. One, when you punch someone in the face as hard as you can and it doesn't bother them, don't hang around and work the body. Stop being a bully and run home to double check your genitals -- there's a good chance you've just been a confused ugly girl this whole time. Two, when you hear the voice of Odin whisper to pick up your tiny attacker and hurl him into the ground like so much unstrung puppet, answer his call!

H- How!?

Every time someone is a dick for no reason, that creates a negative energy that gets passed from grumpy asshole to grumpy asshole until it suddenly ends up in the glowing hands of a young boy when he needs it most. Seeing that idiot bully try to walk after Casey knocks his entire nervous system out of place is such a satisfying demonstration of karma. The joy of watching a villain get destroyed is exactly why the body slam was invented and why lethal injection chambers have spectator seats. SETI Fact: Despite its anger management issues, Physics is the good guy in every single one of these videos.

Playground Face Plant

SETI: 71 percent

The 8 Most Violent Falls Ever Survived on YouTube
The moral of this video is that if you're perched on the top of something, it's best to jump off right away. Don't hang out indecisively and let the forces of nature surrounding you know you're a pussy. This kid is on a playground designed for children half his age, and he's whining about falling off a ledge 6 inches higher than a normal human's vertical leap. Gravity took one look at this and said, "They're filming a 3-foot drop? Why would they even do that if they weren't expecting me to do something arcane and liquify this little boy? Well, I'm not going to let them down. Let's multiply me by 1,000 and see what happens."

H- How!?

This is an inconceivable impact. This fat kid's mouth hit the ground so hard that a pie disappeared on the other side of the planet.

Grape-Stomping Lady

SETI: 91 percent

This may be the most shit anyone has ever eaten from so tiny a fall. She hit the ground like God was spiking a football. She also managed to land directly on her lungs, causing her to feel a pain she could only describe with her impression of a sea lion removing anal beads. I know some of you have hearts, and may be starting to feel bad about laughing at the misfortune of the falling unfortunate. Don't worry, though. In order to make you feel better, I'm happy to prove why this woman cosmically deserved it.

H- How!?

The 8 Most Violent Falls Ever Survived on YouTube
Does anyone truly deserve to be betrayed by the laws of our universe and left in a moaning heap? Of course. If failure had no consequences, then whose daughters would strip for us? Look, this woman's job is to interview people for the news, and here are the three questions she asked:

"What kind of grapes are these?"

If you ask a question like that and expect an interesting answer, you're already taunting reality as we know it. Strike One.

"How do you measure how much juice people stomp?"

I could see being curious about this if we lived in a universe without measuring cups where people measured juice by shouting at it and listening for the echoes. Since we don't, Strike Two.

"So, like ... what else you got goin' on?"

This dingbat has sloppier broadcast skills than Janet Jackson's titty. Strike Three.

Then, after an interview that would get you fired from a middle school newspaper, she cheated in a gentleman's grape-stomping competition for no reason other than poor impulse control. That was Strike Four, and Physics had seen enough. It decided that if she was going to cheat, then so would Gravity. There's no other explanation for how she managed to fall from one bucket and still hit terminal velocity.

Man Opens Automatic Door With Head

SETI: 98 percent

The 8 Most Violent Falls Ever Survived on YouTube
Imagine seeing an automated door for the first time, only you have the full deductive intelligence of a grown adult. You'd have to assume there was some kind of sensor that caused it to open, right? Maybe if you were more creative or more stupid, you'd assume there was a man with a terrible job watching from a security monitor and opening the door anytime someone got close. Either way, your first plan would be to approach it cautiously and see what happens. However, if you were awesome, you would take a full minute to make sure your documents were in order before charging into the unexplainable monstrosity with your head. This man was awesome.

H- How!?

Let's look at what we know. The man is already inside. So either someone is in the back of this building putting goat brains inside reanimated Punjabi corpses and unleashing them or this is at least the second time this dumbass has seen an automatic door. And we know he doesn't have a goat brain, because goats don't rearrange their Trapper Keepers to trick doors into thinking they're doing paperwork. This is a man intelligent enough to feel shame but stupid enough to run into a door faster and harder than any door technician could have anticipated. Where I'm from, we call that impossible. SETI Fact: If you're impossible, Science is going to try to kill you.

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