The 20 Most-Read Cracked Articles Of 2018

The 20 Most-Read Cracked Articles Of 2018

Before we jump headfirst into a new year full of joyful hopes and apocalyptic possibilities, let's take a second to remember the high points of 2018 -- or at least the ones that occurred on this here website. Here are the most popular articles that the hard-working writers at Cracked cranked out over the last 12 months:

5 Cartoons That Handle Serious Issues Better Than Most Shows

By Archie Grimm

"Cartoons are for children!" says the least-likable person in your life, probably. But they're wrong, because 1) cartoons are so rad, and we should all watch them, and 2) they can often handle real issues better than anything that you'll find on HBO. For example, while the subject is usually treated like an embarrassing joke, Bob's Burgers tackles budding female sexuality with tremendous nuance and emotional weight.

Donald Trump's 6 Very Real, Very Insane Tips For A Good Life

By Chris Bucholz

OK, so maybe The Art Of The Deal, aka How To Ignore Your Many Bankruptcies By Acting Like A Buffoon And Scamming The IRS, was a crock. But that doesn't mean that our beloved president doesn't have some other tips for a life well-lived. Using many, many examples, we've managed to cobble together a handbook of all the lessons Trump has to teach us. Are they good lessons? Well, ummm, I think we'll leave that one up to you.

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Thanks to Google Maps, we no longer look crazy when we yell "PIZZA RESTAURANT NEAR ME. NO, NOT FEAR ME. NEAR ME, GOOGLE" into our phones while in traffic. But for all the good that having a map to everywhere in the palm of our hand has done, it's also seriously wrecked some people's days.

You've taken a history class or two in your life, so you know how famous events went down. OR DO YOU? Like, did you know that Hurricane Katrina caused coffins to launch from their graves? This article is full of that kind of thing.

5 Sexual Mishaps That Are More Common Than You Think

By Ian Fortey

Sexual hijinks are thought to only exist in romantic comedies where Jason Segel accidentally gets caught boning his girlfriend by the CEO of his company. (Married To Your Job, coming to theaters this spring!) However, plenty of them happen in the real world way more frequently than you imagine. For example, statistically, a bunch of your friends have accidentally peed during sex.

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6 Things We Only Believe Today Because Of Propaganda

By Adam Wears, James Kinneen, E.M. Caris, Britni Patterson

We'd like to imagine that propaganda doesn't hold sway over our society anymore, because we think critically, have advanced psychologically, and use Instagram instead of ever looking up from our phones at billboards or posters. But propaganda still rules our discourse in all sorts of ways, ranging from why we believe there are A/B personalities to the idea that Teddy Roosevelt was a notorious bear-lover.

13 Myths About Society Too Many People Believe

By David Wong

Cracked Executive Editor Jason "David Wong" Pargin looks into 13 things we take for granted, and reveals that the world doesn't necessarily work in the way that we've all assumed. Warning: In many cases, the data doesn't say what we wish it did.

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