Take To The Skies With These 5 Drones This Holiday Season

Take To The Skies With These 5 Drones This Holiday Season

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Whether you're a filmmaker putting together a BBC nature documentary or you're just sick of birds having all the fun, a brand-new drone is the perfect holiday treat. To help you whittle down your wish list, we've pre-selected some of our favorite remote flying machines from the Cracked Shop:

TRNDlabs Spectre Drone

Take To The Skies With These 5 Drones This Holiday Season

Mark our words: In Fast & Furious: FasTEN Your Seat Belts, there will be an awesome $50 million scene involving racing drones. And you can stay one step ahead of the curve with racing drones of your very own! This stylish quadcopter has multi-channel settings to keep control signals from getting crossed, allowing you and all of your friends to become Vin Diesels of the sky. It even supports first-person POV with a separate VR headset, so you can watch from the cockpit as your opponents fall by the wayside. The TRNDlabs Spectre Drone has an MSRP of $149.99, and we usually carry it for $100, but you can get one right now for just $92.99.

Air Selfie Drone + Power Bank Storage Case

Take To The Skies With These 5 Drones This Holiday Season

With the Air Selfie Drone, you can take your social media game to new heights. (See what we did there? Because drones can get to various heights, and middle school was a really rough time for us.) This drone's camera is entirely shake-free, ensuring your photos and videos will be even crisper than our sweet aerial-based wordplay. You can use your phone to control it from up to ten feet away, and the portable power bank will refill the battery up to 20 times on a single charge. It also doubles as a storage case for when you aren't practicing the fine art of the duckface. Grab the super-portable Air Selfie Drone here for $299.

Odyssey Toys X-7 Microlite Microdrone

Take To The Skies With These 5 Drones This Holiday Season

If the sight of natural sunlight makes you shriek like Dracula, or if you're simply just all about that EDM life, then the Odyssey Toys X-7 Microlite Microdrone is for you. Equipped with a slew of embedded LEDs and a 100-meter wireless range, this drone is ideal for highly visible long-range nighttime flights. Since its rotor blades aren't exposed, it's equally safe to fly indoors and outside, and it's even got three different speed settings, so you can dial it in to match exactly how energetic you feel at the moment. Usually, $99.95, pick up the X-7 Microlite Microdrone for $29.99.

Micro Drone 2.0+ With HD Camera

Take To The Skies With These 5 Drones This Holiday Season

In 1805, famous explorer Meriwether Lewis suddenly asked his partner William Clark, "Bro, how cool would drones be? Like, how cool? Swag."

Years later, their strange prophecy was fulfilled, and now intrepid explorers around the globe love the massive 400-foot range of the Micro Drone 2.0. In addition to excelling at long-distance flight, its digital brain employs self-stabilizing algorithms that resist strong gusts of wind and easily recover from you jamming down the controller during a sneeze. And with the HD camera module, you can capture crisp 720p HD footage from any angle, just like the settlers dreamed. Save 48 percent on the Micro Drone 2.0 when you buy it from our store for just $89.99.

SKEYE Mini Drone With HD Camera

Take To The Skies With These 5 Drones This Holiday Season

Whether it's candy, cats, or Hobbits, we tend to love things that are adorable and small. This is just one of the many reasons that the tiny SKEYE Mini Drone is totally worth your curiosity. Its size makes it easy to launch from the palm of your hand, and its controller has an array of preset aerobatic tricks that you can perform at the press of a button (and then pretend it was all skill). The lightweight construction allows for ultra-smooth movements, and you get up to eight minutes of flight time with just a half-hour recharge period. Normally $99, get the SKEYE Mini Drone with HD Camera for $59 -- that's 40 percent off.

Keep your drone in tip-top shape with the Code Black Drone Crash Pack, or go fun-sized with the World's Smallest Camera Drone + 2GB Micro SD Card.

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