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If you're a fan of both intense Lego fun AND learning key scientific principles, then the Force Flyers DIY Building Block Drones is a perfect gift for yourself. These drone kits let you build and customize your own unique drones using toy blocks, and then they trick you into becoming a student of STEM concepts like aerodynamics and weight distribution to make your creations fly.

These DIY Block Drones Are Proof That Learning Can Be Fun

The Force Flyers are suitable for everyone, whether you're buying it for a kid who's new to drone flying or for yourself after you had your actual pilot's license revoked and just need to taste those sweet skies again. It has auto-stabilizing flight controls, making takeoffs and landings a cinch. Plus, the drone has a control range of up to 240 feet, and can fly for as long as 12 minutes on a single charge. You can even pull off impressive 360-degree flips that will render all birds jealous of their plastic brethren.

These DIY Block Drones Are Proof That Learning Can Be Fun

Also, the Force Flyers drones are 100 percent compatible with Lego. So if you crash it, you can easily fix it by swiping in some bricks from that Hobbit set your kids never opened (or just by picking up the pieces that fell off). Even better, you can add new pieces and construct totally different design features like some sort of toy store engineer. You can have the Ghostbusters ride shotgun with Darth Vader on the back of your drone like it's a flying chariot of imagination. Normally the Force Flyer sells for $49.99, but right now you can get one at 14 percent off for just $42.99. They're available in Space, Army, Police, and Firefighter designs. It'll be the most fun purchase you make this year.

I Want To Believe all creatures hold the same capacity to learn. But owls ... Owls Are Stupid.

Oh, hey, $145 Says We Can Talk You Into Buying This Drone.

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