Learn To Code With This Python Bundle (No Snakes Required)

Python's emergence as the leading coding language isn't likely to change any time soon.
Learn To Code With This Python Bundle (No Snakes Required)

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Whether you have an interest in programming and coding or a deep-rooted love for things named after massive nonvenomous snakes, odds are you've probably heard of Python. Python, as taught in the Python Power Coder Bonus Bundle, is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, recently surpassing JavaScript as the chief language among developers. (We are expecting JavaScript to release a retaliatory diss track in the coming weeks.) Python is utilized by several major organizations, including NASA, Google, Facebook, and CERN, and due to its association with rapidly growing fields such as data science and machine learning, Python's emergence as the leading coding language isn't likely to change anytime soon.

Why Should I Learn Python?

Thanks to Python's near-ubiquitous presence in the tech industry, developers who understand the language are in high demand. Professionals in all fields can improve their careers by learning Python, which can be used to simplify a number of normally tedious tasks. For example, you can use Python to automate manual reports, export data into spreadsheets, pull data from web pages, and create data visualizations to make your reports easier to read and prevent your co-workers from falling asleep the next time you're called to present during a meeting. Basically, no matter what you do (or hope to do) in your career, you stand to benefit from learning Python, which is why you need to check out the Python Power Coder Bonus Bundle.

Learn To Code With This Python Bundle (No Snakes Required)

What Do I Get In The Bundle?

With this bundle, you'll get 70 hours of training that will teach you everything from the very basics of Python 3 to step by step instructions on building programs and apps. That's several Fast & Furious franchises' worth of in-depth tutelage you can absorb at your own pace, honing your skills until you are a Python power-coding machine. (Note: That is not meant to be taken literally. Python is but the language of the machines. We have not yet learned how to become the machines. But that day will come.) The training is spread across eight courses, including ...

The Developer's Guide To Python 3 Programming


This course consists of 22 lectures on the very basics of the Python language, designed for even a complete coding n00b to understand. By the end of the course, you'll be able to code your own program, which is an indispensable skill no matter what you do for a living.

The Python Mega Course

Learn To Code With This Python Bundle (No Snakes Required)

The best way to learn how to swim is to get shoved directly into the deep end by your dad. At least, that's what our dads told us. The Python Mega Course utilizes some good old fatherly wisdom by sitting you down in a chair and making you actually code with Python. Over the course of 172 lessons, this module will have you build ten real-world applications in Python, including web and database applications, a GUI-based desktop application, and even a webcam motion detector. Best of all, even if you don't pick it up right away, you still won't drown.

The Complete Computer Vision Course With Python

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"Computer vision" refers to the kind of programming that allows self-driving cars, Google Image searches, and Snapchat and Instagram filters to work, and does not refer to the low-fi red tint lenses through which the Terminator stalks its victims. (Though eventually, maybe it could?) This course will teach you how to use Python to build and implement those tools, which are not only cool, but are also in crazy high demand.

Step By Step: Build A Data Analysis Program

Learn To Code With This Python Bundle (No Snakes Required)

Gathering data without a computer is mind-numbing work, and not the good kind of mind-numbing that makes you want to try karaoke. Thankfully, this course will teach you how to build a program to do all that work for you. You'll learn how to design your own Python scripts from scratch, and use them to download, extract, aggregate, analyze, and visualize data from virtually any source.

How Much Will These Valuable Skills Cost Me? (Answer: Not A Lot!)

Altogether, the Python Power Coder Bonus Bundle grants you lifetime access to over 300 lessons and 70 hours of instruction. (Say what!) Normally, the Python Power Coder Bundle retails for $1,075, but if you click here right now, you can take advantage of a mind-blowing 95 percent discount and get the entire bundle for just $44. (Say what again!) That's lifetime access to all eight courses and 70 hours for less than what it would cost you to try and program a team of Roombas to fill out your spreadsheets for you. (It's the say what trilogy!)

Why does it always have to be snakes? Because they're cool, that's why. So give your little Python some Raspberry Pi. The little guy's hungry.

And Become A Virtual Snake Charmer With These Python Bundles.

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