1 New Design That'll Change Your Ironing Board Forever


It's finally spring! Or ... fall, if you're in another hemisphere. Or ... Smarch, if the weather's still lousy. Or ... gramorblax, if you're on another planet entirely. Point is, you deserve something new to go with this new weather. Our Society6 store has merch for all seasons, and the postal service claims it'll stick it out through anything. So put that order in with confidence, because we've got a new design that just might be your favorite ever.

1 New Design That'll Change Your Ironing Board Forever

The more you're cooped up, the more you dream. And considering even the most adventurous "outdoor cat" never gets too far outside their backyard, we figure feline-kind has more than a few fantasies of exploring space-time and inventing rock 'n' roll. This design from regular Cracked design-pal Joseph LeJeune captures all the cat dreams it can, with a workaday ironing board that was meant to hover and a kitty who was meant to rock that vest. Get it on just about anything that makes your imagination soar, and let it fuel your flux capacitor like a quality .

Our Weekly Dose of Shirt Envy

Let's assume you're in the mood for better weather, chiller vibes, and dressing fly as hell for all of it. Well, good news: Our Society6 friends can hook you up. And just in case you viewed their thousands of designs and demanded more options, more colors, more random websites to visit ... don't worry, we went the extra step for you. Behold: the five best new designs on the entire Internet. Buy 'em if you wish. We just want you to be as happily well-dressed as you can be, this March and beyond.



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