Stop Hate-Watching And Make Your Own Films With This Bundle

Stop Hate-Watching And Make Your Own Films With This Bundle

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Anybody can go to a movie theater and complain that the movie they just saw was total bullhockey. We do it all the time. But it takes a real mad genius to watch crap like Mortal Engines and Escape Room and think, "You know what? This medium isn't total garbage, and I'm gonna show you why." And so, for all the mad geniuses out there, we give you the Film & Cinematography Master Bundle. These three classes, with 7.5 hours of content, will slam your brain full of the kinds of skills you need to start shooting your own movies.

Stop Hate-Watching And Make Your Own Films With This Bundle

The first class, Video Production Bootcamp, takes you through the nitty gritty details of producing a movie, like securing funding, finding the right crew, and scouting locations (because it turns out that setting up in front of a green screen in your white-walled apartment isn't always best for verisimilitude).

Next is the Cinematography Master Class, which teaches you everything you need to know about framing, blocking, and setting up your shots. Ever wonder what a gaffer or best boy does? This class will teach you that, plus a lot of other, far more useful information, like what kinds of cameras to buy, how to light your scenes, and which way to point the camera (usually at the actors).

And finally, the last class is Filmmaking: How to Write, Direct And Distribute Your Own Feature Film, which teaches you how to get the movie you make in front of the kinds of eyes that matter. This is where it all comes together, where the fruits of your labor and creative passion pay off. Dare to dream, friends, and there's no reason you couldn't become the Tarantino, the Nolan, or even the McG of tomorrow. Nothing can stop you now.

Each of these classes runs $199 normally, meaning that all three should cost you $597, which is not the kind of cash aspiring filmmakers tend to have just lying around. But thanks to this special deal, you can get all three for 95 percent off, meaning the Film & Cinematography Master Bundle will cost you just $29.

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