Step Into The World Of Graphic Design With These 10 Bundles

Join this elite cadre of visual wizards.
Step Into The World Of Graphic Design With These 10 Bundles

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Contrary to popular belief, graphic designers don't just open up Photoshop, click a few buttons, and pull amazing graphics out of the ether. There are various assets and tools that let them turn blank canvases into amazing works of art that get all the likes on Facebook. If you have aspirations of joining this elite cadre of visual wizards, then you're in luck! We've rounded up some of the best-selling design programs and subscriptions to help you stay ahead of the game. And they're all on sale!

Design Wizard Pro -- Lifetime Subscription


MSRP: $599.40

Sale Price: $39

For graphic designers, having a wide selection of fonts, images, and templates at your disposal dramatically expands your options when creating content. Design Wizard makes it extremely easy to create images, illustrations, graphics, and the occasional doodle thanks to more than 1.2 million curated images, 120 free fonts, and 30,000 design templates.

UX-App -- Interaction And UI Design Software


MSRP: $1,500

Sale Price: $29

It's not unusual for graphic designers to do a little UX design. If you're building a website, there are few better tools to use than UX-App. (And all of them are probably expensive.) But UX-App is great because it makes it easy to create HTML components and fully interactive web and mobile prototypes without coding a line.

Photomatix Pro Plus Bundle

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MSRP: $257

Sale Price: $39

Short for "High Dynamic Range," HDR images are all the rage, and working with them is easier than ever with Photomatix. In this bundle, you get Photomatix Pro and two plugins, making it easy to create beautiful images, optimized for any medium, in only a few clicks. Like maybe a dozen clicks at most. Look, we don't really have a click counter on this. Just trust us, it's fast.

Animatron Studio Pro Plan Subscriptions

Step Into The World Of Graphic Design With These 10 Bundles

MSRP: $360

Sale Price: $29.99

Peyton Manning can only be the spokesperson for so many companies. So more and more businesses are turning to animation to market their products. Many use Animatron Studio, the simple yet powerful tool that practically anyone can use to bring images to life.

HDRtist NX2 HDR Imaging Software

Step Into The World Of Graphic Design With These 10 Bundles

MSRP: $59.99

Sale Price: $9.99

Turn RAW photos into incredible HDR images with absolute ease. HDRtist lets you process your photos en masse to give them the upgrades they deserve. Your social media will thank you.

Super Vectorizer 2 -- Lifetime License

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MSRP: $60

Sale Price: $19

Vector images are pretty neat because they can be shrunk down or blown up without losing quality. How? Some complicated math stuff that's over our heads. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you can transform your images into fascinating, attractive vectors with Super Vectorizer 2! This app provides automatic tracing for images in more than 70 formats to transform them into different varieties of vectors in 64 colors.

easyHDR Image Processing Software v3.13 Home Plan


MSRP: $39

Sale Price: $9.99

EasyHDR is one of the most powerful HDR image processing programs on the market, and it also comes with a wide array of features. You can turn plain images into vivid HDR photos with adjustments like lens correction, alignment, ghost removal, color grading, and more. Now your weak selfie game has no excuses.

Disha Pages Site Builder -- Lifetime Subscription

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MSRP: $250

Sale Price: $39

Disha is the simple one-page site builder for individuals and small businesses that you can use without any coding expertise. Human attention spans wander, and one page may be all you have to get your point across. Luckily, it might also be all you need.

Slideshop -- Lifetime Subscription

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MSRP: $2,940

Sale Price: $29.99

Slideshows can be an extremely valuable presentation tool, but only if they're actually worth looking at. Slideshop gives you access to more than 15,000 template designs, charts, infographics, and more to create compelling slideshows that'll make people oooh and ahhh.

Pixeluvo Photo Editor For Windows And Linux


MSRP: $34

Sale Price: $11.99

Need a photo editor, but can't afford Photoshop? (Or to hire your very own photo editor?) Pixeluvo is the budget-friendly alternative that makes image manipulation easy.

Prices are subject to change.

You can't beat free! Get $70+ worth of premium Mac apps for free today!

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