Save A Tree, Buy A Reusable Smart Notebook

Save A Tree, Buy A Reusable Smart Notebook

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Most people nowadays spend so much time looking at a screen that they have LED tan lines. So whenever you get a chance to break away and write something down on a notebook, it's a revelation. There's nothing like feeling the ink on your hands and ... the wind through your fingers? OK, maybe "revelation" is too strong a word, but it does feel really cool. Sadly, for all the immediacy of paper, it isn't always compatible with work that happens on your computer. You can't exactly email your Moleskine notebook to yourself.

The Rocketbook Smart Notebook bridges the gap between the physical and the digital by transferring all of your handwritten notes to your computer. Rocketbook has raised over $3 million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and this is why:

Everything You Write Gets Saved In The Cloud

The point of having a notebook is to be able to jot down impromptu ideas as quickly as possible. But usually, what happens after you've transferred your brain-blasts to paper is that they get buried under grocery lists and doodles, or just lost amongst the masses of unmarked pages. But with Rocketbook, every page has a row of unique icons that you can link to a specific location in any major cloud storage service. Did you hatch up a surefire business winner during your coffee break? Mark the diamond, point your camera at the page, and your plan goes right into the "schemes" folder in Drive. You wrote an outline for the next great American novel? Send that sucker over to the "Suck it, Steinbeck" folder. You can link up to seven locations with the Rocketbook app, making archival backup as fluid as possible.

It Can Be Erased In The Microwave

Yes, you read that correctly. No longer will your microwave simply be an oversized burrito warmer. Give your Rocketbook a quick blast of radiation from the ol' hotbox, and all of your scribbles will be banished to the nether realm. We don't know how or why this sorcery works, and frankly, we don't want to go around asking too many questions, lest we incur the wrath of the microwave gods. All we know is that your Rocketbook will revert to its original form, piping hot and full of blank pages ready to be filled once again. Heck, you can even save yourself some time and throw in a cup of ramen while you're at it.

Save A Tree, Buy A Reusable Smart Notebook

They're Super Affordable

Usually, the moment you hear the word "cloud," your brain starts spewing out a waterfall of dollar signs. But nothing in the Rocketbook line costs more than $30! The two styles you can choose from are Wave and Everlast.

The Wave


The wave variation has 36 dot-grid pages for a traditional notebook experience. This version can be erased up to five times, and comes in standard size (8.5"x9.5") and executive (a fancy way of saying 6"x8.9"). Pick up the Rocketbook Wave standard and a FriXion pen here for $22.99.



The Everlast has just one open spread, but these two pages are washable with water, so we imagine it'd be the type of magic tablet that Aquaman would carry around. Or, if you're a Marvel fan, it's just like a portable whiteboard. You can grab the letter-sized Rocketbook Everlast from the Cracked shop for $29.99 -- 11 percent off the standard price.

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