Quick! The Holidays Are Almost Here! Check Out These 10 Buys


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Calling all procrastinators! If you're starting to feel the crunch of the holidays and are teetering closer to making a terrible gift purchase, like a fish or something, then please keep reading. We've rounded up some great (non-fish) gift ideas that don't require shipping, making them ideal for all of you last-minute shoppers. Plus you can save an additional 15% off on all of them with code MERRYSAVE15. (That coupon expires on Christmas. That's how we're keeping you honest.)

Winc Wine Delivery -- Four Bottles

Wine Ce

MSRP: $52

Sale Price: $26

MERRYSAVE15: $22.10

Winc is a wine delivery service that gets to know your tastes and preferences, and sends you specially curated selections every month from around the world. You'll get a special deal on the first package, and then it's a gift that keeps on giving!

The Ultimate Beginner-To-Expert Guitar Lessons Bundle


MSRP: $1,601

Sale Price: $29

MERRYSAVE15: $24.65

So your mom didn't become Joni Mitchell 2.0 like she'd hoped. That's tragic, yes, but she can still learn the guitar! Anyone can learn the guitar online with this comprehensive training course.

Matt's Flights Premium Subscription


MSRP: $49.99

Sale Price: $25

MERRYSAVE15: $21.25

Matt's Flights is a service that finds incredible deals on flights to destinations all over the world, and alerts you so you can jump on them faster than a kid after me Lucky Charms. It's a great gift for anybody with some wanderlust!

CuriosityStream -- Three-Year Subscription

Curiosity Curiositustream

MSRP: $60

Sale Price: $45

Price Drop: $40


CuriosityStream is essentially Netflix for documentaries. This service is loaded with classics from the likes of David Attenborough and Stephen Hawking, as well as a comprehensive library of original productions.

Babbel Language Learning -- Lifetime Subscription

Honwtit the A eeviene N Listeniina Soeaking Flashcards E Writing 88 8

MSRP: $399

Sale Price: $159

MERRYSAVE15: $135.15

There's a reason Babbel is the world's top-grossing language learning platform. It helps you learn in a practical, accelerated way, focusing on conversational vocabulary so you can navigate any vacation with ease. This deal includes lifetime access to their entire library of languages.

Sid Meier's Civilization V: Complete


MSRP: $59.99

Sale Price: $12.50

MERRYSAVE15: $10.60

Got a gamer in the family? Well they're a fraud if they haven't played Civ V. Get the classic empire-building game, along with a treasure trove of expansions, all for under $11 with our code.

Cartoon Animator 4 PRO

Quick! The Holidays Are Almost Here! Check Out These 10 Buys

MSRP: $99

Sale Price: $79

MERRYSAVE15: $67.15

Cartoon Animator 4 is one of the top animation platforms on the market, making it perfect for any aspiring artist or designer. You can create complete animated videos using templates, or upload photos to animate your family and friends into all kinds of fun sitcom-y situations.

The Award-Winning Luminar 3 Software Bundle


MSRP: $93

Sale Price: $49

MERRYSAVE15: $41.65

Photoshop is cool, but it also requires that you do an Ocean's 11-style casino robbery to afford it. Luminar is an award-winning, budget-friendly alternative photo editor that uses AI to make batch-editing and organizing your photos easier than ever.

The Complete EDM Production Bundle


MSRP: $1,393

Sale Price: $19.99

MERRYSAVE15: $16.99

Your little brother is obsessed with EDM, so why not encourage him to be a little resourceful and make his own? This seven-course bundle covers everything from music theory to how to use some of the most popular digital audio workstations.

12min Micro Book Library -- Lifetime Premium Subscription

Focus Biv 034 21.44

MSRP: $346.50

Sale Price: $39

Price Drop: $29

MERRYSAVE15: $24.65

Who has time to read everything on their book list? Maybe mythical deities who live forever. For us mere mortals there, is the 12min Micro Book Library. This service consolidates complete books into 12-minute summaries in both text and audio formats, so you can get the main ideas without needing to read the whole thing.

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