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What is this? Art for giants?! Well, kind of, yes. Or at least, it's art for people with great taste who also have plenty of space to fill. Make 2020 the year you launch your home decor to new heights. Establish a style. Exhibit your tastes. New decade, new you. It's time to embrace your identity as a classy adult, and these paintings can get you there!

Art Block Framed "Sneaker" By HR-FM


Price: $120

This 24" x 24" print is by Japanese artist HR-FM, a rising star in the digital art and apparel scenes. The print is framed in handmade black-stained 2-inch-deep ash wood that has been sustainably sourced from North America. If shoes make the man, then these shoes make the house.

"Space Cadet" By Hidden Moves

New Year, New Art: Check Out These 4 Great Deals

MSRP: $552

Sale Price: $441.99

Hidden Moves is the toy box for the collected works of Welsh artist and designer Rhys Owens. In recent years, he has experimented with photography, illustration, and digital 3D to create his own unique aesthetic, which can be seen in "Space Cadet." This 48" x 72" print will make your home seem bigger, and comes rolled up with an exclusive patented stretching system, as well as mounting hardware. We're probably uncultured swine to say that this looks like a still from some cool new anime, but we think that's pretty rad anyway.

Framed Print Black "Roux" By Sofia Bonati

New Year, New Art: Check Out These 4 Great Deals

MSRP: $129

Sale Price: $103.99

Sofia Bonati is an Argentinian artist who's worked with international names such as Iberia, Vanity Fair, and Mondadori. Her work centers on female portraits, often with whimsical or melancholic atmospheres, captivating gazes, and surrealistic elements. This digital print is matted with a black-core white mat, and comes enclosed in a 24" x 32" black frame. It's an outstanding example of Bonati's aesthetic. (Did you see the pinky raise as we wrote that?)

"How Far Is A Light Year" (Framed Print, White Frame) By Alexander Grahovsky

New Year, New Art: Check Out These 4 Great Deals

MSRP: $69

Sale Price: $55.20

Alexander Grahovsky is a digital and traditional illustrator from Madrid. He often examines adult, erotic, pinup, and comic themes with strong colors and a bold sense of humor. This entertaining 20" x 24" piece is matted with a black-core white mat, and enclosed in a white frame. It'll give your home personality, so you don't have to cultivate one yourself.

Prices are subject to change.

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