Master The Arts With This Super Affordable Bundle

Master The Arts With This Super Affordable Bundle

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Your experience as an artist has probably never really advanced beyond buying HOW TO DRAW POKEMON at your fourth-grade book fair. But have you always wished you could get better at drawing? Probably yes. Sadly, art school costs major cheddar, and you probably don't know any children of wealthy painters whom you could ransom, so what can you do? You can invest in the Fundamentals of Drawing Bundle, that's what.

The Fundamentals of Drawing Bundle contains 214 lessons and 45 hours of instruction delivered by actual professionals who can teach you how to draw everything from basic shapes to detailed human figures that don't look like nightmarishly proportioned wax sculptures. The seven courses in the bundle include ...

How To Draw Dynamic Comic Book Superheroes Start To Finish

Master The Arts With This Super Affordable Bundle

This course is perfect for that special nerd who's trying to get a graphic novel off the ground or is just looking to add Spider-Man to every flat surface in their home. You'll learn all the poses, anatomy, costume designs, proportions, and perspectives unique to comic book characters, and you'll be able to use that knowledge to create your own from scratch.

How To Improve Your Figure Drawing Step By Step

Master The Arts With This Super Affordable Bundle

If you're pretty good at drawing barns, motorcycles, and Cthulhus, but fall apart when it's time to render a convincing human being, then this course will help you clear that hurdle. You'll learn tricks such as converting each body part into a simple shape, how to use negative space, and how a real human body holds a specific pose, so you don't end up drawing a bunch of bone-light mutants as the beast from the great beyond devours them.

How To Draw Heads Step By Step From Any Angle

Master The Arts With This Super Affordable Bundle

If you're drawing human figures, you're going to need to know how to draw heads, and because heads generally rest on these rotating things called necks, you're going to need to know how to draw the same head from almost any angle. This course will teach you how, using tricks like dividing the face into smaller quadrants and learning how to distort facial features as they naturally turn and contort. Take this course, or all of your drawings will look like RoboCops.

The Art And Science Of Drawing And Shading: Beyond The Basics

Master The Arts With This Super Affordable Bundle

Shading may seem like necessary but boring busywork, like taking your clothes to the dry cleaners after a bank heist. In actuality, shading is one of the most important steps in visual art because it gives an image depth and dimension. Otherwise, every piece of art would look like a napkin doodle. It's also one of the most soothing and Zen exercises imaginable. This course will show you how light falls on both basic and complicated objects. That way, your subjects won't be lit from eight different directions as if they're in the middle of some kind of alien invasion.

The Art And Science Of Drawing: Basic Skills

Master The Arts With This Super Affordable Bundle

Are you an absolute beginner? Is the most complicated drawing you've ever done a decapitated stick figure? Well buckle up, future Picassos, because this course is for you. You'll learn the most basic drawing skills, including how to hold your pencil correctly and how to use light lines and shapes to draw anything you see. You'll never ID a mugger using a stick figure again.

Drawing Animals Using Pastel Pencils

Master The Arts With This Super Affordable Bundle

Pastel pencils are the easiest materials for beginning artists to work with outside of nontoxic Play-Doh. This course will teach you how to use pastel pencils to create drawings of animal subjects as they patiently wait to devour you alive. Each drawing comes with an outline, so you can start by tracing parts of the animal subject until you are advanced enough to draw the more complicated areas freehand, like the ears. We've always had trouble with the ears.

Portrait Drawing Fundamentals Made Simple

Master The Arts With This Super Affordable Bundle

If you've ever wanted to learn how to draw a realistic portrait of yourself -- or more importantly, your enemies -- then this is the course that will teach you. You'll learn the Loomis (not a character from Ray-Man, but an actual person) Method of drawing a simplified head from several angles, and then build on that method to create a three-dimensional portrait. You'll also learn the basic anatomy of facial features, so you'll know how to draw them more accurately.

Normally the Fundamentals of Drawing bundle sells for $694.93, but if you click the button below, you can knock 94 percent off that price and get all seven courses for just $39.

From Binary Art to The Superman Scream, show off your inner brooding artist.

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