Make Some Noise With This Music Software Bundle

Show off your musical genius and produce some music.
Make Some Noise With This Music Software Bundle

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No one is going to recognize that you're a musical genius unless you actually produce music. So get started on a rewarding and lucrative career mixing tracks, helping artists create music for clubs, and scoring John Wick sequels by learning how to use Ableton Live.

Ableton Live is a music sequencer and digital audio workstation that professionals around the world use to record, edit, and produce music. It's also an instrument for live performances and an unparalleled tool for DJs of every level of skill and esteem. You can be spinning jams for a fifth-grade birthday party at a bowling alley or working a nightclub with a thousand people, and in both jobs, you'd be using Ableton.

Make Some Noise With This Music Software Bundle

The Noiselab Ableton Mastery Bundle features video tutorials and online courses on music theory and production, as well as project templates to help demystify the process and in-depth lessons that actually break down popular hit songs and how they were made. (So maybe you can finally get to the bottom of why Katy Perry's "Roar" was on every single radio station for a year.) Included in the bundle are ten courses led by Ableton-certified trainers, covering topics such as ...

Electronic Music Production Level 1

This course will teach you the introductory basics of using Ableton Live, including how to navigate Ableton's interface, how to use the unique features it offers, and how to work with audio and MIDI clips. This course will show you the ropes even if the closest you've ever come to music production is constructing a Post Malone playlist on Spotify.

Djing With Ableton Live

Whether you're looking to blow up your sister's Bat Mitzvah with some fire cross fades or get steady gigs DJing at local clubs, this is the course for you. You'll learn how to perform live shows with Ableton, including how to use popular tools and effects like MIDI mapping, finger drumming, and live looping.

Ableton Live Customization And Hidden Features

This course will clue you in to Ableton Live's hidden shortcuts, and guide you through templates to increase your productivity and output. You'll also learn how to automate certain processes and quickly switch between different modes and projects like a seasoned professional.


Put a unique stamp on your music by creating your own sounds and crazy instrumentation from scratch. This course will teach you three different types of synthesis used by the virtual instruments in Ableton Live, and how to use them to craft your own audio signatures to add to your music so everyone knows who exactly is rocking their world at the club that night.

Normally, the Noiselab Ableton Mastery Bundle sells for $700, but if you follow this link, you can save a whopping 95 percent and get lifetime access to all ten courses for just $29.99.

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