Learn To Speed Read In A Flash With This Software

It's one thing to like reading. It's another to have time to do it.
Learn To Speed Read In A Flash With This Software

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It's one thing to like reading, but it's another to have time to do it. There's so much in this world that demands your time and attention that you might often find yourself at the end of the night, petering out with a novel in bed, having only managed to read a couple of pages. Well, we can't help you get more time. That would require a time machine. And while yes, we do have one, we haven't figured out a good enough coupon code to sell it yet. However, what we can do is give you a program that will teach you how to read faster.

ZapReader is a simple software that can help you drastically improve your reading speed without having to pay for speed-reading classes. This program includes activities and access to experts to guide your reading, and uses scientifically designed exercises to remove your bad reading habits. It gives you detailed reports on the time you spend, your speed, and your progress over time so you can verify that you really are improving.

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When you can speed read, it's like a superpower, meaning that it might be even better than time travel. A lifetime subscription to ZapReader normally costs $499, but you can save huge when you sign up for just $39.99 today. Plus you can use code MerrySave15 to bring the final price down to $33.99.

Prices are subject to change.

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