Jim Carrey Hits A New Low: The Daily Nooner (EST)!

Jim Carrey on American Idol You know what would be weird? Climbing the ranks of Toronto's stand-up comedy scene to eventually become a successful headlining comedian, launching a massively successful television and film career, then suddenly finding yourself dressed up in a crappy elephant costume exchanging niceties with Ryan Fucking Seacrest to hawk your latest crappy and instantly-forgettable movie. Wouldn't that be weird? It's easy to think of this as an example of Jim Carrey "falling from grace." That sounds great and raises the stakes of the video and everything, but c'mon - can you really "fall from grace" when your whole career rests soundly on a foundation made of funny faces? I'm not going to totally shit on the guy - the kid in me still loves
Ace Ventura, and Eternal Sunshine and The Truman Show were both pretty good - but aside from a handful of exceptions, the obvious trend in the Carrey canon has been a not-so-subtle slide downward. (Although he admittedly set the bar pretty high for himself). I'm not going to cry "SELLOUT!" either (I don't think anyone ever thought of Jim Carrey as having street cred or expected him to "keep it real" or anything), nor am I going to say that this clip really surprises me; Jim Carrey could dress up like an adult baby and make a "boom boom" in a Huggies commercial tomorrow and I wouldn't bat an eye. Instead, I'm going to offer a tip to Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, and every other aging comedian who gets crappier and crappier with each passing year: just retire, guys. Seriously - you've made like a bazillion dollars already. Instead of spending your time making these wretched children's movies, why not go spend some time with your ACTUAL children? They miss you more than we will, I promise.
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