It's New To You! Check Out These 10 Refurbished Computers


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You want a brand-new computer? What are you, some kind of billionaire prince? Used computers are perfectly good for any rational person, and refurbished computers seem downright luxurious. So unless you wear a gold watch and send your red wine back for further fermentation, check out these amazing deals on fixed-up laptops from the Cracked Shop.

Acer Touchscreen 11" Chromebook (Certified Refurbished)


Acer Chromebooks are the Terminators of the small laptop world, able to withstand a beating and still perform all the functionality you expect. This one comes with a 1.6 GHz processor, 4 GB of RAM, and a 6 GB Flash Memory solid state. Plus, this particular device is in near-mint condition, with nearly no signs of previous use ... aside from the great price, of course.

Normally $399, you can grab your Touchscreen Acer Chromebook in the Cracked Shop for just $249.

Apple 27" iMac Computer With Apple Wired Keyboard And Wired Mouse (Certified Refurbished)


Let's not beat around the bush here: 16 GB of memory is going to open up a can of pure Mac whoop-ass on whatever projects you have. Everything else is gravy, baby: 1 TB hard drive, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi. It's all beautiful.

Normally $999, you can pick up this beautifully refurbished iMac in the Cracked Store for just $899.

Apple iMac 21.5" Intel i3-2100 Dual-Core 3.1 GHz 250 GB (Certified-Refurbished)

It's New To You! Check Out These 10 Refurbished Computers

If you want a beautiful 21.5" display and a devastating wallop of computing power, this is the refurbished desktop computer for you. It even has a sweet adjustable aluminum stand, which will be handy for all the hours you'll be marveling at its beauty.

Normally $1,199, you can grab this model in the Cracked Shop right now for just $379.

Apple iPad Mini 4 64 GB, WiFi + Cellular, Space Gray (Certified Refurbished)

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This iPad comes with 10 hours of battery per charge, 64 GB of memory, and a 1.5 GHz dual-core A8 processor. And hoo boy, look at the savings!

Normally $799, grab yours in the Cracked Shop for just $399.

Samsung Chromebook 11.6" 16 GB (Refurbished)


Behold this marvelous laptop with built-in virus protection, a dual-core 1.7 GHz CPU, and a 16 GB hard drive. Huzzah! Plus, this refurbished model saves you tons of money. Double huzzah!

Normally $599, you can grab yours in the Cracked Shop for just $99.99.

Asus ZenPad 8" Android Tablet 16 GB (Refurbished)

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The Asus Zenpad manages to be both beautiful and simple to use, kind of like a well-designed surfboard or a can of Pringles. Enjoy the 8-inch display, the 76.5% screen-to-body ratio, and ASUS's impressive VisualMaster tech that gives you a vivid HD tablet experience.

Normally $199, grab yours in the Cracked Shop for just $99.

Lenovo N21 11" Chromebook 2.1 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 16 GB Drive (Refurbished)

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This Chromebook isn't just sleek and modern. It has a 180-degree rotating camera that can help you capture images or videos from any direction you want. It also boots in three seconds, lasts eight hours on a single battery charge, and has a specifically durable design. (Just don't throw it against any brick walls, you maniac.)

Normally $599, you can grab yours in the Cracked Shop for just $89.99.

Apple MacBook Air 11" 256 GB SSD (Certified Refurbished)


The MacBook Air is the sleek, carrier-friendly version of the MacBook that will easily fit in your book bag or backpack. But just because it is tiny doesn't mean it sacrifices power, since it comes with 256 GB of flash storage and 4 GB of RAM.

Normally $1,099, you can grab this refurbished model in the Cracked Shop for just $725.

Apple MacBook Air 13" 128 GB SSD (Certified Refurbished)


An extra 2 inches might not seem like much, but it means all the difference in a lot of ways. And all of those ways have to do with a screen, which is attached to this awesome, powerful MacBook -- available for a fraction of the normal cost.

Normally $1,199, you can grab yours in the Cracked Shop right now for just $749.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9" 32 GB WiFi Silver (Refurbished)


Not only is this iPad Pro rocking an irresistible price, but it also has a processor that will make most laptops weep in shame. Then there's the stunning 12.9-inch screen that is suitable for any type of gaming, graphics, or work you could ever need.

Normally $699, grab yours in the Cracked Shop for a cool $479.

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