Haitian Weather Reports Are Unhelpful, Baffling And Awesome: The Daily Nooner (EST)!

Pretty Much Everywhere, It's Gonna Be Hot What's the matter, buddy? Are you all bummed out because it's Monday and your weekend is over and you're back at work, typing away in your little cubicle and drinking bitter office coffee while that bitch Grace - you know, the one in the next cubicle over - is blathering on and on about how touching last night's episode of Extreme Home Makeover was? Did your boss just drop by to remind you that he needs that Powerpoint presentation by 3 o'clock, and that he wants it to have "pizzazz... but not TOO MUCH pizzazz"? Are you sitting there now, trying to figure out how to give pizzazz to a Powerpoint presentation about latex glove sales figures, and beyond that, if you actually do manage to give it some, how to know if it's TOO MUCH pizzazz? Are you thinking about how much it sucks that you have to actually think about this crap while defeatedly double-clicking the Powerpoint icon? Yeah, yeah - your 9-5 is sucking your soul and people aren't made to live this way under harsh fluorescent lights and college-doesn't-prepare-you-for-this-blah-blah-blah wah-wah-wah-boo-hoo-sob-sob. Loud & clear, lil fella - life is hard. I GET IT. I feel for you, though, and that's why I'm posting this video today. Jobs are tough and Monday sucks and all that, but if you watch this video a few times in a row I can pretty much guarantee you'll be in a better mood than you were when you started. Seriously - try it. I'll wait right here. Feeling better yet? I thought so. As an added bonus, this "related video" of Arnold Schwarzenneger flipping out is pretty awesome, although what it has to do with a Haitian weather report is completely beyond me.
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