The Ramifications Of Milo On 'Real Time With Bill Maher'

The Ramifications Of Milo On 'Real Time With Bill Maher'

Milo Yiannopoulos was recently invited to appear on Real Time With Bill Maher, and people are questioning whether that's a good idea. Many find his inclusion to be reprehensible, including respected journalist (or "cuck" in Breitbart-speak) Jeremy Sachill, who backed out of appearing alongside Yiannopoulos on the episode. As Sachill explained, "Appearing on 'Real Time' will provide Yiannopoulos with a large, important platform to openly advocate his racist, anti-immigrant campaign. It will be exploited by Yiannopoulos in an attempt to legitimize his hateful agenda."

The Ramifications Of Milo On 'Real Time With Bill Maher'

And support his questionable hair stylings.

Why invite a proven hatemonger onto a place where he could espouse his views and gain a wider audience? Well, many see this as an opportunity to properly debate the disturbing rise of bigotry in the U.S. and abroad, instead of letting it fester in isolation. Our writers couldn't agree on how to best tackle this issue, so we had them tackle each other -- figuratively, as our "Blood Arena" was banned by HR.

Daniel: I think it's important to establish that we're not advocating for anything Milo has ever said. That man is a turned-over dumpster of half-assed ideologies and shitty "pragmatism," which is a term that people like to use a lot lately whenever they want to make racism seem like a justifiable practice.

Aaron: I've got to say that I disagree with you, Dan. I think he's more of an upright dumpster that contains ideas that have gone rancid and somehow gained sentience.

Daniel: I mean, I can see that. A lot of his ideas do resemble rotten, wheezing flesh that roams the night, searching for a host.

Aaron: And I think that distinction is actually important. It's the core of my argument for inviting Milo into the light of the mainstream media landscape. Ideas like his grow in the dank, dark places of the internet, and like a fungus, they can be killed by daylight. He says things like "Hillary Clinton is funded by people who murder homosexuals." That's an absurd thing to say. It's like Pizzagate nonsense. And the more he's exposed as the moron that he is, the better.

Daniel: I feel like you could argue that his ideas have already been brought into the light. Whether it's an inflammatory statement made about a minority student at the college that he's speaking at, the protests that erupted in response to one of his speaking arrangements, or his presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr fan art), his shit has been brought into focus. Now, due to the nature of social media, it's not one big consensus, as you have a lot of people in support of him and a lot of people who find him repulsive, but I don't know how much more "exposure" he can get through Real Time. Not to diss Maher's ratings or anything. I'm sure they're worse than Game Of Thrones' but waaaaaaaay better than Vinyl's. You deserved better, Bobby Cannavale.

The Ramifications Of Milo On 'Real Time With Bill Maher'

We're rooting for you, buddy.

But yes, I totally agree that when you actually hear his arguments, that shit is word salad. " is by people who ." But is Bill Maher, with his constant sarcasm and a show that's primarily based around entertainment with a light sprinkling of insight, really the best guy to tackle that exposure?

Aaron: OK, but as we learned in this last election from things like Blue Feed, Red Feed, being well-known on one corner of social media doesn't necessarily translate to being well-known to the other. His views are popular with his following, where the echo chamber of the internet lets them go into resonance and become truly insane. But that doesn't mean they'll be swallowed by people who haven't gradually upped their dose of crazy.

I have family members that would probably agree with some things he says -- like that feminism and progressivism have gotten out of control -- and he can't be allowed to use those things to gradually make the rest of his positions more mainstream. Bringing him on a prime-time debate show gives him less wiggle room. He doesn't get to play the reasonable moderate to an audience of reasonable moderates, because Maher will call him on his shit. Holy shit. I just realized I'm rooting for a traditional media dinosaur to triumph over a slime monster grown in the depths of the internet.

Daniel: I know! It's like the end of Jurassic World, where the T-Rex and the raptors team up to take on Freakasaur.

However, I don't know if what he says even matters as much as the reaction to what he says. No matter what, his supporters are going to call it a victory. This is a guy who was literally kicked off Twitter because he harassed a black woman who HAD THE GALL to be popular. And his supporters saw nothing wrong with it. Or if they did, there were plenty more supporters left to pick up the slack. If he gets ripped apart, it's by "old-ass liberal cuck Maher who doesn't understand," and if he dropkicks Maher right in the debate balls, it's the triumph of the underdog.

Aaron: You're totally right that Maher isn't going to convert any of his core supporters. But the fungus doesn't spread by merely hanging on to the hosts it's already claimed: it needs fresh bodies. We've got to keep in mind the lessons from the election. The more we live our lives online, the more we live in separate, ad-targeted universes. Things like TV shows are increasingly rare opportunities for groups of people with wildly different views to come together and say, "Wow, we all hate this for completely different reasons. I guess it does take all kinds."

There are a lot of people who aren't yet at one ideological extreme or the other. They aren't Milo-supporting hateturds, but they also aren't the kind of people with seven different NPR tote bags. The point of inviting Milo on your show is to lay out the intellectual battlefield as it stands today. On one side are the spore people and on the other side are virtue-signaling cucks. (For those who don't know, "virtue-signaling" is an insult the alt-right uses that means "being nice to people.")

Daniel: But there is no intellectual battlefield with trolls. There is one person laying out facts and reasonable arguments, and one person who is there to fart all over the place. And when you have that kind of arena, what extraordinary insight is Maher going to provide, aside from "Look at this idiot"?

Aaron: "Don't feed the trolls" would have been great advice to follow before he gained a national following, but we're past that point now. People need to see that there are a bunch of bigots trying to mainstream their views by pretending like they're not bigotry. And we can't let that shit fly. The fungus has reached a critical mass too big to be ignored. When it comes to Milo, I think "Look at this idiot" is a perfectly useful thing to say.

The Ramifications Of Milo On 'Real Time With Bill Maher'

I mean, draw your own conclusions...but also, come on.

Daniel: However, when you debate a "troll," you're always playing by that troll's rules. Anything that will give them shits and giggles is up for grabs. You can smack down Milo's viewpoints as hard as you want, with as much supporting data and research as you can muster, but the response of Milo and Milo's supporters will be "LOL cuck."

In the end, the people who don't know who Milo is will find out that there's just another asshole out there wiping his asshole all over everything. People who do know who Milo is and hate him will have another video to share. And people who know Milo and support him will either twist it into some kind of success or simply brush it off, because that's what trolls do.

Aaron: This is the crux of it: If you think Milo is just too good at being a troll to be debated, that he will successfully turn any TV appearance into more supporters for himself, then you're right. If you think racist, hateful dogshit somehow has an advantage over us cucks (again, read "reasonable, thoughtful human being"), then don't invite him on popular TV shows, or even Real Time With Bill Maher. But if you think there's a chance that reasonable people still exist out there and have the cognitive power to look that this sad internet troll and say, "Oh, he's a hate-filled monster," then we cucks owe it to the country to expose him as just that.

Daniel: I don't think this is going to create more support for him. As I said, Milo works best as a vomit sprinkler when he is unimpeded. And racist, hateful dogshit, as it shall be referred to from now until the end of time, does not have the advantage over penis-less, girlfriend-less, Xbox-Live-achievement-less, decent people like you and I. As long as we fight to call it out and try to eradicate it, racist, hateful dogshit people won't win. And HBO can have Milo on their talk show if they want to. Just like Twitter can totally ban Milo if it wants to. But in terms of swaying the public mindset about Milo, I think this interview will mostly serve to firm up already established opinions. And if people who don't know who Milo is have this as their first exposure to them, I hope that they use the discovery to strengthen their drive to fight racist, hateful dogshit.

Aaron: So it seems like we've made some real headway here. We agree that Milo Yiannopoulos is host to ideological fungus that grows out of racist, hateful dogshit and thrives in the dark corners of the internet. And we're hoping that doesn't spread. We just disagree about whether or not anyone is capable of changing their opinion based on watching a TV appearance. I'd argue that these days, TV appearances are the only things that get people to change their minds.

Daniel: I think it will take way more than a TV appearance, but I'm glad that we're both in agreement that Milo is a festering pile of Swamp Thing jizz. I guess we can cancel our fist fight in the alley now.

Aaron: But let's not cancel our plans to see Fist Fight. And that's the real take-home message of this piece: It's been one long ad for Fist Fight, starring Charlie Day and Ice Cube, in theaters this weekend.

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