Chopping Stuff, Stacking Stuff and A Really Stupid Trademark: The Daily Nooner (EST)!

Chopping Stuff, Stacking Stuff and A Really Stupid Trademark: The Daily Nooner (EST)!
Awesome Video Of The Day Terry's Chop Shop Proving once again that you can find pretty much anything you want on the web is Terry's Chop Shop, a blog dedicated to, well, chopping stuff. It's about time, too. I'm actually kind of surprised it took this long. According to his "About Me" section:
"Ever since I was a boy I have had a burning desire to chop. Some call it an obsessive compulsion, others have told me i'm clinically insane. But for me it's simply a release. When I have my axe in my hand and i'm ready to slice open an inanimate object to see what's inside, it's like I go somewhere else - I call it the choppy place."
Fair enough, Terry, but I think I could have told you what was inside that CLEAR GLASS PERFUME BOTTLE. I can relate, though - ever since
I was a little boy I've had a burning desire to stack tiny pieces of plastic next to historically significant landmarks. When I do it, it's like I'm in my own little world - I call it "the stacky place." You've inspired me, Terry, and as soon as I get enough video together I'm going to launch my own blog. I think I'll call it "Ross's Stack Shack." Thanks for the boost of confidence, Terry. Now go chop some shit up.
Fark Applies For "NSFW" Trademark Drew Curtis of fame has the entire blogosphere flipping its collective wig over his recent move to
trademark the widely-used acronym "NSFW" (not safe for work). If approved, the trademark would (technically) allow Fark to sue anyone using the acronym without permission, effectively ending the 2 Girls 1 Cup phenomenon (link is SFW, so I guess I can't get sued for that one). On the off chance that the trademark is actually approved there will be absolutely no way to enforce it, of course, but we here at Cracked have taken this as a serious wake-up call. As such, we now have trademarks pending on the following:
  • Lolcats
  • Roflcopters
  • Rickrolling
  • The phrase "Chocolate Rain"
  • FTW, ZOMG, WTF, n00b, 1337 and a whole bunch of other stupid crap
  • Now is your chance, people - get out there and stake your claims. Before you know it, will own the whole internet and all it will be good for is reading wacky news stories about people trying to trademark weird stuff.
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