Celebrity Quotes Quiz

Celebrity Quotes Quiz
Today, I introduce a new feature here at the Cracked blog: The Celebrity Quotes Quiz. Here's how it works. I give you both the celebrity AND the quote. That's right. Both! "What's the challenge then?" you say. (Actually, you're probably just saying, "Oh crap! Another post by Gladstone? Is he going to make fun of The Beatles now? When will Cracked fire him. Now where's my crystal meth?") In any event, the challenge will be to guess WHAT the celebrity is talking about. Ready? Then let's begin. Our quote comes from Academy Award winner Denzel Washington:
Washington says, "I was getting a little bored just sitting in the trailer, waiting for my part. And looking down the line I'm thinking, there's gonna be a day maybe when they don't call as much. "Really, I'm surprised it took this long. It's just curiosity. Not wanting to settle. Wanting to learn something new."
What's the Denz talking about?
  1. His bi-curious exploration of homosexuality borne from his fear that one day the ladies will stop calling.
  2. His new fascination with heroin, borne from looking down a line of coke and fearing that some day his dealer won't call.
  3. His belief that Kurt Cobain was a talented composer of several very catchy pop rock songs who served as the poster child for the entire grunge music primarily because he was the best looking guy in Seattle and his music was the most accessible to the masses
So which is it? Give up? Oh, okay, the correct answer is none of the above.
He was just talking about starting to direct movies because some day he may no longer be cast as an actor. But how fun is that? Not very fun. Sort of like this post, I'm afraid. On the bright side, it's just about Christmas so you're probably not reading this anyway. Hmmm, still, I feel bad. Is there something I could do to make it up to you? How about this:

Best I could do. Merry Christmas, everyone!
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