Assimilate With The Robot Overlords With These 5 Bundles

Assimilate With The Robot Overlords With These 5 Bundles

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Look, we all have grand dreams about winning the inevitable human/robot war. Dreams of yelling "FOR HUMANITY" as we charge into battle against our former microwaves. But throw those dreams out along with your soon-to-be-outlawed copies of Terminator 2. The robots are gonna cream us, and the best option we have is to start kissing their shiny metal behinds now. And what better way to do that than with the following machine learning course bundles?

Reinforcement Learning Bundle


Deep learning and reinforcement learning have led to self-driving cars and machines that can play video games at a superhuman level. And if Westworld is to be believed, you can also add to the list the eventual overtaking of the human race. In the meantime, you can teach your computer how to objectively determine the popularity of memes or win at Connect Four by using these four deep learning courses. Normally $660, you can get it from us for just $39, and win the favor of our eventual robot overlords.

The Deep Learning And Artificial Intelligence Introductory Bundle

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The depths of artificial intelligence have yet to be plundered, and this course is the proverbial scuba suit. We can't say if you'll find the AI equivalent of Atlantis (a bionic Aquaman, maybe? This metaphor is getting murky), but we do know that you can understand the power of AI methodology by building systems that read facial expressions, predict website user behavior, and deal with a wide variety of inputs. You can pick up this collection for $39, 91 percent off retail.

The Complete Machine Learning Bundle

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You might be thinking, "Artificial Intelligence seems all well and good when we're living in the Jetsons universe, but how can it help me now? The closest thing I have to AI in my house is an alarm clock." Well, for starters, it can make you rich. This huge bundle includes ten courses that cover practical applications of AI. You'll learn everything from predicting market trends to techniques in quantitative training, all of which are just big words for "make money good." A $780 value, these courses can be yours for just $39.

The Robotics And Machine Learning Of Self-Driving Cars

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Don't let Stephen King novels prevent you from loving cars with minds of their own. This 20-hour learning bundle will teach you to appreciate and understand the technological foundations of autonomous vehicles. You'll use Python to interface with sensors and other physical hardware, as well as turn reams of data into non-deadly driving behavior. This Christine-friendly course is typically worth $1,000, but you can get it from the Cracked Store for $29.

Voice, Chat And Vision Automation Bundle

Assimilate With The Robot Overlords With These 5 Bundles

If Siri's utter inability to understand simple requests is the bane of your daily life, you can learn how to make a better digital assistant with this Voice, Chat and Vision Automation Bundle. Save 96 percent off the normal $845 price when you buy it from our store for $29. Just be careful not to fall in love. You don't want to end up in a Her situation -- or even worse, a Flubber situation.

As you prepare for our inevitable servitude to our bloopy overlords the Droids, know that we Salute you. You are truly doing the work of Tesla: God of Thunder. Godspeed.

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