Achieve Your Dreams Of YouTube Stardom With This Bundle

Get your YouTube stardom on.
Achieve Your Dreams Of YouTube Stardom With This Bundle

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For many people, the desire to be a movie star is fading. Meanwhile, the dream of becoming YouTube famous is exploding, and, if you think about it, it makes sense. Who doesn't want to make Kardashian money just for posting videos of their opinions on a cartoon that aired 20 years ago, or their latest Victory Royale in Fortnite? Well, it's not as easy as it may look. You need to know all the ins and outs of video production and marketing to make your weird face stand out among the millions of other weird faces on YouTube. Which is why you need the Ultimate YouTube Masterclass Bundle.

Achieve Your Dreams Of YouTube Stardom With This Bundle

The Ultimate YouTube Masterclass Bundle contains five courses and 28 hours of training designed to turn you into a revenue-generating video machine. "But Cracked," you yell into the void, "I've never been in front of a camera in my life!" Well get yourself together, because these courses will get you up to snuff anyway. They include:

How To Start A YouTube Channel: Jumping right into an established technical system can be a little like trying to fly a helicopter with no training beyond having seen the television series Airwolf. This course will teach you how to get a YouTube channel set up, along with tips on setting up an inexpensive filming space in your home and establishing a publishing schedule to make sure you're uploading new content at a consistent rate. That is key to growing your viewership and increasing your ad revenue, so that one day you can talk smack to Jenna Marbles.

Video Production Boot Camp: This course will teach you how to create professional videos no matter what you're using to film them, be it a top-of-the-line DSLR camera, your smartphone, or one of those old-timey cameras where you have to turn a crank. It will also teach you the basics of lighting, how to capture quality audio using a number of different microphones, and how to edit your videos into something that people will actually want to watch. Remember, professional-looking videos with a high number of views are more likely to lure in those sweet, sweet ad bucks.

YouTube Marketing: You can create the most unique and entertaining videos on YouTube, but unless you know how to get your channel out there, it means about as much as having a five-star restaurant on the moon. This course will teach you how to maximize your channel's exposure to bring in new viewers and advertisers, and how to use YouTube's analytics to monitor your traffic and research which keywords are the most effective at increasing your search ranking.

Normally, The Ultimate YouTube Masterclass Bundle sells for $995, but if you click here right now, you can get lifetime access to all five courses at 97 percent off for just $29.

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