Lady Forced Creep To Eat Upskirt Photos: 6 Everyday Heroes

These people went above and beyond the call of duty in their everyday lives just because it was the right thing to do.
Lady Forced Creep To Eat Upskirt Photos: 6 Everyday Heroes

When you hear the word "hero," you might picture an impossibly muscular person saving the world with their superpowers (or at least unlimited money and anger issues). Or perhaps you think of someone who has devoted their life to serving others, like a teacher, a firefighter, or a guy who stops people from whistling in public. But being a hero doesn't have to be that grand: Here are six real-life people who went above and beyond the call of duty in their everyday lives just because it was the right thing to do.

Woman On Subway Makes Creep Eat Upskirt Photos

Lady Forced Creep To Eat Upskirt Photos: 6 Everyday Heroes
gpointstudio/iStock/Getty Images

Our first hero is a woman in China who was confronted with what so many women are confronted with on a daily basis: some guy being a complete creep. This can be a difficult situation to navigate because, often, calling a creep out will merely cause him to morph into his true, more dangerous form -- like a video game boss who's capable of finding your address and parking outside your home at night. A creep's reaction to being called out is often "I'm not a creep! I can prove it! Do I look 'creepy' in these photos of me trying on your dresses while you were at work? Boy, is your face red." In this case, the creep was using a camera hidden in his bag to take upskirt photos of women standing on the subway.

Risking her personal safety, this woman confronted him and shot the whole thing on her phone. Without so much as raising her voice, she embarrasses him worse than a family stumbling across Blue Is The Warmest Color on movie night. He apparently becomes so ashamed he destroys the photos by biting the flash card in half. I do not know what she's saying to him, because it's in Chinese, but it's clearly so cutting he hides his face until the next stop and then runs away like the rich villain at the end of a college frat movie.

She stuck her neck out for the good of us all and used her superhuman shaming abilities to get this unmitigated dickwad to run off with his tail between his legs.

Man Armed With Shovel Saves Woman From Wild Dogs (Of Course It's Russia)

Lady Forced Creep To Eat Upskirt Photos: 6 Everyday Heroes
westonjd/iStock/Getty Images

There aren't a lot of countries where you can see a world-class staging of Ondine and also be attacked by a pack of wild dogs. But that's what gives Russia its special je ne sais aaahI'mbeingkilledbydogs! In this video, a woman is just walking down the snowdrift, minding her own business, when she is set upon by a pack of wild dogs. It's important to note here the lack of any reaction whatsoever from the person filming this dog attack. They observe the scene with the engagement of a sedated sloth.

But, believe it or not, the cold-hearted psychopath recording the scene is only the second-most-remarkable person in this video.

As the woman screams and the dogs begin to nip at her, a man comes charging in to save the day armed only with a snow shovel. He's like a real-life Old Man Marley if Old Man Marley did PCP. (Not a bad idea for a Home Alone reboot.) He manages to scare off all the dogs, saving the woman from what I assume is Russia's second-most-common cause of death, after "gladiator combat in the thunderdome."

With a grand total of 10 seconds from the start of the attack until he comes sprinting in, this guy clearly just threw himself into the fray on someone else's behalf, making him an undeniable hero. Conspicuously not a hero, however, is whoever uploaded this thing and put a midi version of "Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy" at the end, really encapsulating Russia's unique ability to simultaneously be high-brow and chillingly nonchalant about death.

Middle Ages Battle Reenactor Spears Drone Out Of Sky

Lady Forced Creep To Eat Upskirt Photos: 6 Everyday Heroes
goce/iStock/Getty Images

Like many modern technological advancements, consumer drones have the potential to do incredible things like study tornadoes or deliver disaster relief, but we mostly use them to eat pizza, annoy one another, or make porn. One of the most annoying places to fly your drone has to be at a historical reenactment. (That is, unless it's a reenactment of a very recent war.)

People do not reenact historical battles because they want to get rich or get laid. They have typically spent a great deal of time, money, and social standing on doing it for love of the game. It is therefore an act of senseless nerd-on-nerd harassment to fly your drone right over the heads of medieval reenactors during the six hours a month they aren't being asked to set up someone's WiFi. Camaraderie be damned, this happened anyway. Thankfully, this guy was there to step in.

After the drone makes multiple low passes over the battle scene, one good Samaritan pushes through the crowd and makes an incredible shot: He spears the drone in mid-air. We don't know if he was just so in character he thought the drone was a magical abomination or if he was thinking as a reasonable, modern man and knew it was a technological abomination. Regardless, I'm willing to bet he got to see some rough-spun burlap stockings at the end of the evening. Unfortunately, because this was in Russia, odds are he was killed by a pack of wild dogs shortly after.

Lady Forced Creep To Eat Upskirt Photos: 6 Everyday Heroes

9-Year-Old Uses Movie Knowledge To Save Teacher's Life

Lady Forced Creep To Eat Upskirt Photos: 6 Everyday Heroes
Rachdole/iStock/Getty Images

It is vanishingly rare for an elementary school teacher to be glad their student is emulating anything Ice Cube has ever done. Yet given sufficient opportunities, vanishingly rare events do occur, like someone winning the lottery twice or someone finding a new way to appreciate Joaquin Phoenix.

Elementary school teacher Madonna Kenser was using a dry erase pen she didn't realize she was allergic to. She knew she had to get her inhaler from her purse but collapsed before she could retrieve it. One of her students, 9-year-old Brendon Garman, got to her inhaler and gave it to her before she completely lost consciousness.


"So, about my science test grade ..."

According to him, he only knew what to do because of a similar event in the 2005 Ice Cube movie Are We There Yet?

That means that at 9 years old, Brendon has already accomplished something more important than anything I will do in my life. Unless, of course, I can keep a generation of kids away from PCP with my Home Alone reboot.

High School Student Sews Date's Prom Dress

Lady Forced Creep To Eat Upskirt Photos: 6 Everyday Heroes
Paramount Pictures

Many of us spend high school tamping down our individuality, trying to make it through the day without being emotionally eviscerated. (I used the strategy of tutoring the volleyball team in the hopes their boyfriends would be nicer to me. Ask me how that worked out!) Some people, however, see the big picture. They let their individuality shine bright, like a beacon that the rest of us can see even as we stare at our feet, scurrying from choir to AP excuse-making.

Jimelle Levon, an 18-year-old designer, let his individuality shine through when he hand-made his date's Coming To America-inspired prom dress. Jimelle hand-cut individual gold leaves that he then had to sew, one-by-one, directly onto his date's body. He also made himself a gold blazer to match.

Lady Forced Creep To Eat Upskirt Photos: 6 Everyday Heroes
Jimelle Levon/Instagram

The face of a young man wishing he had an extra two hours to do the hat.

For contrast: I did not go to prom because people kept saying I looked like Rob Thomas and I figured that was probably an insult even though Matchbox 20 was a perfectly fine band. This is why Jimelle is a hero and I am a Cracked writer.

Lady Forced Creep To Eat Upskirt Photos: 6 Everyday Heroes
Aaron Kheifets

The face of a young man who spent two minutes trying to tie a real bow tie before settling
for the adjustable pre-tied one.

There are so many reasons for assholes to beat him up: being a designer, being good at anything, describing himself as a "self-taught artist," liking a movie made before six months ago, etc. The list of high school transgressions generated by his actually caring about something is incredibly long, but apparently Jimelle gave a number of fucks that was not invented until the fifth century.

Australian Bros Disable Thieves' Getaway Car

Lady Forced Creep To Eat Upskirt Photos: 6 Everyday Heroes
m-1975/iStock/Getty Images

It's a crime video we've seen too many times: A drunk, shirtless man, wearing one busted flip-flop and cursing like a sailor, does something to someone else's car. In this instance, however, the drunk, shirtless man is the hero of our story. James Ross-Munro and his buddy Kane Wiblen were on their way home from a party when they decided to stop at a convenience store for a late-night snack.

When they saw someone inside robbing the store, they did not have time to think (from the state they appear to be in, thinking would have been a 20-minute engagement). Instead, James ran to the idling getaway car as Kane started filming. James takes the keys out of the ignition, disabling the vehicle, and chucks them into the night.

When the robbers come out of the store, the driver quickly realizes he has no choice but to try to escape on foot. The passenger, however, sits in the car long enough for James to actually get in again and start fighting with him, moving him from "good Samaritan" to "working-class Aussie Batman." When the robber in the passenger seat also takes off running (at this point, James is screaming, "Fuck you, cunts!"), our Intoxicated Avengers take off after them in busted flip-flops.

In an incredible interview about the ordeal, James even talks in one-liners straight out of a comic.

When he's called a hero, he just says, "It just had to be done: sort out the right from wrong." When asked if he goes to the gym, he responds, "The only gym I go to is Jim Beam." Honestly, give these guys a superhero franchise already.

It's inspiring to know that there are heroes out there in the real world. It reminds us that there are people doing what's right even if it isn't their job or it might be dangerous. Good job, internet. Maybe if we spread these hero stories we can swell their ranks. Or at the very least we can learn how to shame perverts into eating their own microSDs.

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