5 Simple Ways To Eliminate Modern Life's Worst Annoyances

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Living in 2017 really shows how limitless access to amazing tech doesn't automatically create a more enlightened society. Even the billionaire Utopians are starting to realize that creating more opportunities to connect and share mostly results in hate speech and cyber crime. But despite all the issues created by putting the internet in everyone's pocket, most people still wouldn't give up their smartphones for a day, because heck, it's the internet in your pocket!

For a little perspective, here are some problems you probably didn't have before 2007 -- and luckily, they come with some consumer-friendly, tech-powered solutions.

The Problem: Not Enough Outlets For All The Phones In The Room

When you have more mobile devices in your home than there are people who live there, it's often impossible to find an available outlet without randomly unplugging an appliance or toppling over the TV set after tugging on a rat's nest of tangled cords.

The Solution:

5 Simple Ways To Eliminate Modern Life's Worst Annoyances

Instead of leaving your kitchen full of randomly offset digital clocks, for just 29$ in our store, this Kinkoo 40W charger can power six devices off a single plug. And for the international jet set, the Gorilla Power travel charger ($27.99) can handle all kinds of foreign, freedom-hating wall outlets while providing four USB ports.

The Problem: Plenty Of Outlets, But Someone Has An Awful, Taped-Up Charging Cable

Nothing sends a person into a rage-frenzy quite like leaving their phone in the charger overnight, only to wake up for work the next morning and see an empty battery. Charging cables are notorious for going bust, and having to run to the mall every time they do is going to leave your soul more drained than a phone battery ever could be.

The Solution:


To ensure consistent juicing for yourself and your houseguests, grab a three-pack of MicFlip reversible microUSB cables for $37.99, or a trio of 10-ft MFi-Certified Lightning Cables for just $15.99. Plus, you'll never have to play "Is this frayed cable going to charge my phone or send me to the emergency room?" ever again.

The Problem: Fear Of The Surveillance State

Everyone is aware of the government's intrusion into our digital space, but that hasn't decreased the depth of their constant probing. And since internet protection laws seem to be going downhill on a rocket-powered skateboard, it's probably best to take online privacy into your own hands.

The Solution:

HIDE MY ASSI W Vew 30 Fteh

If someone is peeping at you through your own webcam, these Nope Webcam Covers will slam the door on their nosy little faces, and it costs only $14.99 for a set of six. To combat more abstract forms of digital intrusion, HideMyAss! VPN provides encrypted protection for all of your browser activity, with a two-year subscription going for $54.99.

The Problem: Open Floor Plans

Many modern offices have adopted an open concept, and while they may tell you it's to provide for open communication and team-building, it's probably just an effort to save money on centralized air. Nonetheless, all the open communication and trust fall exercises in the world aren't going to keep you from being distracted by the dude sitting next to you who can't keep his mouth closed while chewing.

The Solution:

5 Simple Ways To Eliminate Modern Life's Worst Annoyances

The best way to cope is with the sound isolation of these A-Audio Legacy Noise-Cancelling Headphones for $79.99, or with wireless reach from the FRESHeBUDS Air Bluetooth 4.1 Earbuds, just $24.95.

The Problem: Distracted Driving

Before the dawn of ubiquitous cellular data plans, the most deadly force on the road was other people drunkenly smashing into each other. While we've seen a welcome decrease in drunk driving statistics, smartphones have made it possible for anyone to text and drive or Netflix and drive or shuffle through 40 different Green Day covers and drive, and society is much worse for it.

The Solution:

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To keep your eyes and hands on the road and wheel, pick up an Armor X Air Vent Car Mount for 48 percent off ($12.99). If you'd rather have your real-time navigation data projected on your windshield than on a tiny screen in your lap, the HUDWAY glass display is only $49.95.

Any Clever Yoshis able to make our nightly binge of RuPaul's Drag Race that much simpler are alright in our book. We Salute you, good sirs.

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