5 Simple Ways To Become A Social Media Darling (For Cheap)

If you want your digital marketing game to stay ahead of the curve, then take a gander at the following online resources.
5 Simple Ways To Become A Social Media Darling (For Cheap)

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Nearly everyone has the ability to engage in some form of grassroots marketing thanks to social media. Whether it's selling your old dresser on Craigslist or running for president of the United States, there has never been a lower barrier of entry to communicate to potential customers.

If you think it's going to be easy, though, you're in for a rude awakening. Even if you factor out all of the users solely looking for Breath Of The Wild strategy guides, that still leaves about a million potential competitors. So if you want your digital marketing game to stay ahead of the curve, then take a gander at the following online resources:

The Complete Digital Marketing Course 2017

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Marketing on social media isn't as simple as taking a selfie in front of your storefront and labeling it "Workin' hard AND hardly workin'!" Social platforms will impose seemingly arbitrary restrictions once your message starts reaching anything wider than your immediate circle, and without knowledge of said restrictions, you're going to have to adjust your strategy for each individual post. If that sounds like an overwhelming amount of work to you (trust us, it is), then you should consider this Complete Digital Marketing Course to wrap your head around maximizing your effectiveness on everything from Google AdWords to Quora. Get this collection here for 90 percent off its sticker price, just $19.

YouTube Masterclass

You Tube

YouTube money doesn't just magically appear when you get your dog to yodel the Imperial March on camera. But there's a reason that YouTube celebrities like PewDiePie get more viewership than most major networks put together. If you always thought that your image was conventionally attractive enough for mass media, this YouTube Masterclass can take you from Leeroy Jenkins to Matty B for only 18 bucks. Consider it a heaping scoop of digital elbow grease to monetize your personal brand.

Instagram Marketing Crash Course for Entrepreneurs

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Instagram is a platform on the rise, and at the rate it is growing, it may soon crush all other social media within it's sepia-toned hands. A smart businessperson would recognize this as an opportunity and dive on the Instagram train like Harrison Ford in The Fugitive. It costs $195, but you can get it here for $21.

The Complete Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Course


Facebook didn't invent the concept of social media marketing, much like it didn't invent social media (that honor goes to Tom from MySpace and the collective narcissism of the human race). But Facebook is by far the largest social network on the planet, and you are basically leaving money on the table if you don't try to use it to sell stuff. And since about as many people use Facebook as those who use oxygen, you'll have an endless collection of data with which to make strategic business decisions. Pick up the Complete Facebook Ads and Facebook Marketing Course for $29.

The Pinterest Marketing And Ads Blueprint

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The entire point of Pinterest is making a vision board of the things you want to buy, so marketing on Pinterest should be a no-brainer, especially if you sell designer clothes, baby shower decorations, or twee handicrafts. But because Pinterest has so many brands vying for a dedicated yet comparatively small consumer base, it might not be easy to get your content to pop out right away. Fortunately, you can learn how to make your aspirational lifestyle products get more pins than all ten Hellraiser movies, as long as you pick up the Pinterest Marketing And Ads Blueprint for $18.

Give me those sweet, sweet notifications.

Don't worry. After we're done with you, your social accounts are going to be buzzing with the ferocity of a midsummer bee orgy. You can get even more training courses and tools to help your business in the Cracked Store. And don't forget to check out our pop-culture T-shirts in the Cracked Dispensary. One last bit of advice: No matter how big your following, no matter how strong your brand, unless you're Beyonce, nobody wants to see pictures of your baby. Remember that and you'll go far.

You don't need to be hip with computers to be a social media whiz. Go old-school with personalized stationery. Express your inner fogey's love for the Protophone or show off your modern knowledge of Beats by Droid. Who WOULDN'T be impressed?

Also, protect your superstar online identity with 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be On The Internet Without A VPN. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

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